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Diana Chan April 22, 2011 Chinese, Downtown, Food Carts, One Beaker, Streetcart

All the way near Waterfront Station lies a street cart specializing in Dim Sum. No need to wait for a table and fight with others to get the last egg tart or buns. Have Dim Sum anytime, in your office, or on the street…..

Walking to the cart, I was approached by someone asking for change but I quickly dodged them and ran to the street cart.

Looking at the menu, there was really one clear choice! Dim Sum Combo ($6.99). Since it is a Dim Sum cart, it should be their specialty.

As I paid for the food, the same person approached me asking for change so I quickly shoved the money back into my pocket but I was so nervous that I dropped all the coins on the floor. FML. I wasn’t that pretty looking either…just Converse, a T-shirt and jeans. I had no sympathy for that man since he kept changing his story of why he needed money. Plus, I’m still a student and I spend all my pay checks eating out.

Once I got my order, I quickly walked away to find a seat somewhere to sit and enjoy this dim sum meal. I chose to use chopsticks but if you aren’t so good using them, you can get a fork instead.

This Dim Sum Combo ($6.99) has a pork bun, gai lan, 2 pan fried dumplings, 2 shrimp dumplings, and 2 sui mai.

Everything came out right away from the bamboo steamers except for the Gai Lan. It was made on the spot. The Gai Lan was sauteed with garlic and topped with sesame seeds. Very simple and probably the best part of this meal.

Everything else was pretty bland and nothing compared to the Chinese restaurants. It seems like everything was frozen and just steamed up. I think I can find better frozen Dim Sum from T&T. I think I just have high standards for Dim Sum because I’m Asian and thats what we do on Saturday mornings.

Even though, this lunch totally sucked, it was ok for $6.99 considering its a food truck in Downtown.

They also give you a fortune cookie with your combo! I was actually really excited because I was craving the sweet taste. I opened the packaging and was about the crack it open to reveal my fortune BUT the cookie was flexible and it wouldn’t crack open.

WORST FORTUNE COOKIE EVER. It was so flexible, you could bend it back into a flat circle. This is not Dim Sum Express’s fault, but they should be aware of the quality of fortune cookies they purchase.

My fortune said “Try a new system or a different approach“. Try a new system? Should I switch to Linux? Should I try an XBOX 360? I would say this advice would be more suitable for Dim Sum Express. Please order better fortune cookies and make better Dim Sum.

Word of Advice:

  • Very bland Dim Sum
  • Under $10
  • Many items to order
  • Close to Waterfront Skytrain
  • Fortune Cookie let down

We Rate Dim Sum Express


200 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. munchkie May 22, 2011 at 11:09 am

    I cannot believe this truck is still open. I hate it there! I don’t understand why they think soy sauce is the universal condiment. I never put soy sauce on steamed shrimp dumplings! I’ve never heard of a flexible fortune cookie LOL but it doesn’t surprise me that it came from this food truck 😛

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