Deer Garden Signatures 鹿園魚湯米線: DIY Noodle Combos

Diana Chan March 16, 2014 Cafe, Chinese, Noodles, Sunset/Punjabi Market, Three Beakers


KoreanGirl had major cravings for laksa so we all went to Deer Garden Signatures on Fraser street. It was a far drive for us, but it was worth it to give this place a try. Too bad there isn’t one near Burnaby.

Deer Garden Signatures is best known for their noodle combos for $8.50.


Looking at the noodle combos menu, it looked like a great deal since you also get a drink to go with it. You choose your soup base, type of noodles, toppings, drink and any additional side dishes you want to order.


As you wait you get tea.


Coffee Milk Tea Mix is what I ordered. Really good! Most people usually order the coffee milk tea mix or just the regular milk tea. Can’t go wrong with either.


The side dishes arrived first.  Pan Seared Ox Tongue ($1.95) was so tender! So flavourful too. Best tongue I’ve had in a long time. The sprinkle of salt and pepper on top was perfect to accentuate its flavour.


Pan Fried boneless chicken in teriyaki sauce ($1.75) pretty good!


Deep fried pork chop ($1.75) was another side dish and it was not bad. Pretty decent.


Desert wings with ginger ($1.75) came piping hot. It was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It has a distinct taste of ginger and white pepper.


Laksa with sliced beef brisket, specialty pork sausage and fish puffs. The bowl was huge! It comes with a bunch of other toppings as well, so you aren’t just getting what you ordered.

Overall, the food here was good and satisfying for a rainy cold day. Service is alright. You have a bell at your table to call for the servers to come. I do find that they do mix up orders and that some items are missed, so you need to check what you ordered properly. The pricing is decent and noodles are highly customizable, but it can add up. It’s also cash only.

We Rate Deer Garden Signatures:

6270 Fraser St
Vancouver, BC


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  1. BenZ's Gaming Videos April 9, 2017 at 12:51 am

    Hi, Deer Garden Signatures will expand and add 2 more locations in Coquitlam and Burnaby soon!

    Coquitlam: 3610 Westwood St

    Burnaby: 7150 Sperling Ave

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