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Diana Chan January 8, 2011 Brunch, North Burnaby, Two Beakers

NotFauna, Jojocake, VideoGameGuy, and Jengay decided to go to De Dutch because Cosmo’s was closed for the holidays.

De Dutch is best know for their Panneloek (pan_ne_koek), which is a Dutch pancake, tasting similar to the traditional North American pancake and is slightly thicker than a crepe.

One you get into the restaurant, the interior is super ugly and outdated. There are no windows… just walls. You feel like you are in a basement…perhaps you might be.

I ordered the BC Benny ($12). It had thinly sliced smoked wild BC salmon on top of dutch rusks with eggs and hollandaise sauce. You also get Special Recipe Hash Browns and our Garden Green Salad. The hash browns were horrible! I think their “special recipe” is just to under fry the hash browns. The garden salad did not seem very fresh at all.
For $12, it was not worth it since you can get much better breakfast at any of the other popular brunch places.

NotFauna ordered the Seafood Benny ($14.5). The benny contained thinly sliced smoked wild BC salmon, and baby shrimp sauteed in lemon butter. Similar to the benny above, it was served on Dutch Rusks with eggs, Hollandaise Sauce, Special Recipe Hash Browns and the Garden Green Salad.

JojoCake ordered the DeSausage & Eggs ($9.5). She had her eggs scrambled. It was served with e Hash Browns, Toast and Garden Green Salad.

VideoGameGuy ordered the Hash Pannekoek ($12). The hash contains Hash Browns, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions and Cheddar Cheese, mixed with DeBakon. Topped with Hollandaise Sauce and all served on top of a Pannekoek.

Jengay ordered the Boer’s (Farmer’s) Pannekoek ($16). This had Hash Browns, Ham, DeBakon, Bratwurst, 2 Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce.

All this served on a pannekoek. If you are a meat eater, this dish should satisfy your meaty desires.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Entrence in the back
  • Free parking in the back
  • Overpriced for what you get
  • Pannekoek should probably be ordered

We rate De Dutch Pannekoek House:



6651 Hastings St
Burnaby, BC

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  1. KimHo January 8, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    As an option to DeDutch, there is Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe in Cambie which also serve pannekoek. However, similar to DeDutch, it is no cheap. Consider it a case of supply and demand: not many places offering it and prices will be high. Anyway, I agree, there are a lot of cheaper breakfast options. Heck, I am not ashamed to say I like McD’s Egg McMuffin!

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