Dairy Queen Introduces “Mini” Blizzard Size

Diana Chan December 31, 2010 Dessert, Fast Food

Fabo, M, FragileBoy, NotFauna, JoJoCake and I were at Coquitlam Mall looking for Ben & Jerrys…but apparently it disappeared, so to solve our sweet tooth…we decided to get a blizzard. We discovered that they had a new Mini Size of Blizzard which was amazing because I can’t even finish a small size. There is so much Ice cream a person can eat without getting sick.

For $2.69, you can get your own mini sized Blizzard. They have lots of flavours to choose from! But most of they are sweet.

I got the double fudge cookie dough. All chocolate lovers should get this one! M had the French Silk Pie but he got sick of his and started eating mine and wouldn’t give it back because the double fudge cookie dough was better.

Since my hand can be large or small….I put the mini Blizzard near my phone so you know the approx size. The mini Blizzard is quite a good size for ice cream. Good for those on a semi-diet .

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