Reese Peanut Butter Cups Stuffed With Reese’s Pieces #CupFusion

Diana Chan December 9, 2016 product

I’ve been a fan of Reese Peanut Butter Cups during my days trick or treating during Halloween when I was a kid. When people wanted to trade their peanut butter cups, I welcomed them into my stash. The combination of the peanut butter and chocolate were addictive.

They recently came out with their peanut butter cup stuffed with Reese’s Pieces which blew my mind because I didn’t think they would ever come up with this. These are available in the United States and will shortly be available in Canada. I was sent a few packs to give them a try. I didn’t hesitate to say yes because I love chocolate.

Taking the first few bites, I found that the outer coating of the Reese’s Pieces adds texture to the peanut butter cup. Other than the texture, the peanut better cup itself still has a good sweet taste for those peanut butter lovers out there.

A pretty good concept and you’ll be able to see then on store shelves in Canada soon.


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