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Cup Full Dessert is located in the food court at Henderson Mall in Coquitlam. They serve up a few different desserts, cakes and drinks. If you’re a fan of Soft Peaks, they serve up their delicious soft-serve ice cream. If you live in the suburbs, you can now get Soft Peaks without driving all the way downtown.




Cappuccino is what I needed in the early afternoon. They even put a cute little bird on top. They use their own blend of espresso beans in all their drinks.


Coffee Float is super nice and strong. It even has Soft Peaks soft serve ice cream inside.


Grape Fresh Fruit drink is so good! You can tell they only use real grapes are their natural sweetness really shines through.


Grapefruit Fresh Fruit drink was great as well, but I still preferred the grape version.

Full Cup Shaved Ice


Green Tea has the shaved ice and green tea in different layers.


It is topped with red beans, almonds, and sponge cake and some more green tea.


Red Bean has the shaved ice, red bean, more shaved ice and then topped with more red beans, almonds and whipped cream.


Mango was my favourite of all of them. You really can’t go wrong with the fresh mango taste and the shaved ice.

Soft Serve


Mudslide has the Soft Peaks soft serve ice cream with chocolate syrup and crushed up Tim Tam Cookies. Great for chocolate lovers. One of my favourite items here.

Roll Cakes


Chocolate Banana Roll Cake is made by Cake Ya, a Japanese bakery about 10 minutes away. The cakes were decent, but I much prefer going to the store to get my roll cakes fresher.

Because these have been in the fridge a bit longer, its not as fresh.


Strawberry Roll Cake I had similar feelings too. This would be an item I get from Cake Ya all the time too.


Matcha and Red Bean Roll Cake was ok too, but I wished there was a bit more whipped cream inside.


Overall, the desserts are decent. I will definitely come back for the drinks and the Mudslide again.

We Rate Cup Full Dessert Cafe: 3rated

#2079-1163 Pinetree way Coquitlam, BC

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