Creekside Coffee Factory: Independent Coffee Shop in Coquitlam

Diana Chan August 10, 2014 Cafe, Coquitlam, Three Beakers


Creekside Coffee Factory is located in Coquitlam in a small plaza area. They are proud to be serving the freshest coffee possible. They even roast the beans in-house. CoffeeGuy introduced me to this place and told me there was a cafe with a happy Korean man roasting beans, while playing the guitar. I love independent coffee shops because you can really feel their passion for what they do and putting a smile on customers faces.

Since M’s relatives from Korea love coffee, it just seemed fitting to take them to a Korean owned cafe.


You can even watch them roasting the beans. Unfortunately, when we took a visit, nothing was happening here. I wanted to see this machine in action.


You can buy the beans too. Once you purchase it, they are prepared right after to maintain optimal freshness.


The interior is quite nice and cozy. It’s a good place to sit and chat with friends. Or even just do some homework.


There’s even free wifi and extra plugs for your devices.


There are a few snacks a well. We came later in the afternoon, so I think the morning rush bought all the food.


Cappuccino came in a huge cup. I ordered a small, but I think a Large came. It tasted great and has lots of delicious foam.


Iced Dew Drip Coffee is one of their specialty drinks and is quite popular. It is made fresh on site every day and has some great flavour and low acidity. M drank his black and it’s a lot better than regular drip coffee.


Soy Latte and Americano were what the relatives ordered. They were both pleasantly surprised by the strong taste of their drink and totally put a good start to their day. It’s funny how they can’t function without their coffee.

Overall, Creekside Coffee Factory is a good place to get coffee if you are in the area.

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2773 Barnet Hwy
Coquitlam, BC

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