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Jenn Semilla July 26, 2018 British Columbia, Event, Small Appliances

SAVOUR was a pop-up restaurant event featuring decadent dishes by Chef Ned Bell that were prepared using premier appliances from Best Buy Canada. It was a beautiful multi-course dining experience that successfully showed how technology and culinary talent comes together for a memorable meal.

Chef Bell’s culinary approach is marked by an ethos of sustainability. The menu was thoughtfully curated to include Ocean Wise seafood and fresh ingredients from local suppliers. He insists that when preparing a meal, “buy great ingredients, buy great kitchen tools and appliances.”

The evening started with a cooking demonstration. Using the LG Convection Freestanding Smooth Top Induction Range that almost instantly heated the pans, Chef Bell easily browned the halibut.

He cooked peas with white wine, then poured it into a Vitamix Ascent stand blender which silently puréed the mixture–he didn’t need to speak up while it was on.

5 Tips to Create a Stylish Kitchen

  1. Smart Appliances can make your kitchen functional and stylish
    Technology integrated kitchens allow you to control settings and receive notifications from your smartphone, save money and energy, as well as communicate with one another. Just like the LG Instaview French Door Refrigerator or the LG Built in Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub and Third Rack. They both use the LG SmartThinQ App.
  2. Add pops of colour using countertop appliances
    Adding splashes of colour with appliances can create eye-catching focal points in the kitchen. Especially in apartment living with limited storage space, its a good way to turn countertop items into art like the KitchenAid Custom Stand Mixer that comes in many vibrant colours. My personal favourite is the bright red colour.
  3. Use paint to modernize cabinets
    If your cabinets are old and outdated, add a splash of colour like using greys, blues and green variations as a cost-effective solution rather than replacing them. If you have large appliances, keep their colours in mind so it doesn’t clash.
  4. Replace old upper cabinets with open shelving
    Open shelving opens up the space and can show off any gorgeous dishware and small appliances you have. You can even add seasonal decor to transform the look season to season. For an extra pop of colour, add wallpaper to the wall behind the shelves so it becomes a focal point in the kitchen.
  5. Refresh your kitchen look with bold decor
    Look for functional appliances, dishware, and wall art to revamp your kitchen. By adding accent pieces like vases or container with contrasting colours and geometric shapes, you can create a huge visual impact without hurting your budget.

Now, lets get down to tasting the delicious dishes made by Ned Bell.

Local Asparagus Salad

Immediately following the demo, we started our meal. First served was Local Asparagus Salad with Spring Lettuces and Green Goddess Dressing.

Crab and Coconut Soup

Next was Crab and Coconut Soup with Lime and Chilis.


The main course was the recipe he effortlessly prepared during the cooking demonstration: Halibut with a Composition of Peas and Truffle Dressing.

Seaweed and Milk Chocolate Brownie

Throughout the evening, Bell was an attentive host who shared interesting anecdotes. To introduce the dessert course, he shared with us that he originally went to culinary school with the intent to be a pastry chef. He believes that good chefs care about their guest’s entire experience and explained that “pastry is the beginning of a meal, which starts with a fresh loaf of bread. And dessert, often pastry, is the end of the culinary journey.”

He didn’t hesitate to make a (sea)weed brownie joke to introduce the last dish, Seaweed and Milk Chocolate Brownie with Salted Caramel Foam.

Final Thoughts

Chef Ned Bell and Best Buy Canada made SAVOUR an extraordinary culinary experience. Through the event, they challenged us to experiment and create meals using sustainable ingredients, as well as showed us how premiere appliances that can make cooking easier while keeping the kitchen stylish and functional.

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