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Diana Chan February 13, 2019 Cafe, Renfrew-Collingwood

Crack Coffee Roasters is a new addition to the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood near Joyce and Kingsway. They recently just opened in January 2019 and they are a micro roastery producing some top notch espresso for their coffees. My friends and I were having lunch a few shops away and I made sure to make a stop here for a coffee.


The space is quite nice and the owner’s dog – Celine will be there ready to greet you at the door. Very friendly dog and she really wants you to shake her paw and give her cuddles.

It’s very cozy, so whether you are studying or chilling with friends, you’ll feel comfortable in this space. Or even just people watching.

Coffee Options

There are a variety of brewing options for your coffee if you want to get fancy – siphon, pour over, drip, espresso, Americano, or a latte. You can also do iced versions too.

There are quite a few bean options too with different flavour profiles. I am not a bean expert but I just let them do the choosing for me. They do have a few diagrams on how the different beans taste like. Very helpful to know those tasting notes.

They also have cakes on the menu too.


My friends ordered lattes as it was a cold day outside and they loved the latte. Good execution of the drinks and great taste of the espresso used. Nice latte art too.

Iced Latte with Coffee Jelly

I went with an Iced Latte with Coffee Jelly as it was one of the beautiful drinks I saw on their Instagram account. I like how they separate the layers so its coffee jelly, milk and then espresso.

I mixed it together to incorporate all the items. It was really good and the coffee jelly gives it a nice texture too. One of my favourite iced lattes in town.

Final Thoughts

We spent a few hours here drinking coffee and enjoying each others company while playing with Celine. If you love coffee, dogs and a cute cafe setting, definitely check out Crack Coffee Roasters.

3377 Kingsway #1, Vancouver, BC


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