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Diana Chan July 8, 2011 Fast Food, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to eat, but thankfully most grocery stores have a little food area where you can guy good cheap food. Since M and I were at Costco picking up a cart full of buns and water for a BBQ, we thought we would check out their food court area.

All of their items on their menu are from their Kirkland brand. Everything is really cheap!

There is a bit of seating on the side as well. It reminded me of a mini inside picnic.

M got the ¼ pound hot dog with pop ($1.99). He said this was the biggest hotdog he has ever eaten in his life. A quarter pound of meat isn’t too bad, plus with a drink too? Good deal! He really enjoyed it as well!


We shared the Pizza (2.99). I love the pizza here! The crust is really crispy and the meat and cheese are just so good! Who doesn’t love meat and cheese? When you order the pizza, they always cut it in half since it’s easier to eat. It’s a huge pizza, so imagine fitting that all into your mouth.

I had the Montreal smoked meat sandwich ($4.99). It came with a huge pickle. I love pickles! It was a good addition to the sandwich.

I also enjoyed the sandwich because it came with a mound of smoky peppery meat. If they had some Dijon mustard, this would have been perfect. I wasn’t a big fan of the bread. I would have preferred something that was fluffier.

Overall, we had a good quick lunch before heading back to SFU. The prices are good and you get a decent snack.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Hundreds of parking spots
  • Grocery shop and eat at the same time
  • Hot Dog is the best deal
  • Cash only

We Rate Costco: 


3550 Brighton Avenue
Burnaby, BC

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