Costco Canada: Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Diana Chan October 14, 2016 Fast Food, North Burnaby, Three Beakers


Costco locations in Canada have chicken wings. A few months ago, they secretly added these to some of their locations. When I heard a few friends got their hands on these, I had to grab a bunch for dinner.


I came right here after work to the Willingdon location in Burnaby. A pound is $4.99 and family-size (3 pounds) is $13.99. They seem to have lowered their prices as the original prices were covered. It’s odd to see prices go lower rather than higher.


They deep-fry all their wings in a separate fryer than their other items. Since everyone else wanted wings and they can only make so much at one time, I waited about 25 minutes around 6pm on a Friday.


Make sure to get a hot sauce and BBQ sauce to dip your wings into. It helps add a bit of flavour. They gave us 1 hot sauce and 2 BBQ sauces for this bucket.


I got the family-sized bucket and it has about 32 pieces. M and I shared this and we were able to do a pound each. There are wings and drumettes in the mix. It is a bit crunchy, but it’s got nothing on Church’s Chicken.


It’s fun to try something different. It’s decent, but it’s lacking the super crisp exterior. The wings aren’t overly seasoned so it pairs well with the sauces. I preferred the hot sauce and M preferred the BBQ sauce. The wings are best eaten hot, so the skin a bit more crisp.

We rate Costco Wings3rated

4500 Still Creek Dr, Burnaby

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  1. Piper April 16, 2019 at 1:57 am

    What a great post and the wings looks absolutely delicious. Definitely going to try them out. Thank you sharing and keep up the good work 🙂

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