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Diana Chan October 8, 2010 Chinese, South Cambie Street, Three Beakers

Copa Café has several locations in Vancouver. I love Chinese café food, and I could probably eat it everyday if given the chance.

Wandering to the Best Buy on Cambie, M and I really wanted some good food. Using my trusty UrbanSpoon App on my Iphone, I searched up Copa Café on South Cambie.

What is great about this location is that there is parking at the back of the restaurant! No worries about parallel parking or paying for meters! Who doesn’t love FREE parking?

As we walked in from the back entrance, M was very creeped out because the back of the restaurant never looks good. AS we walked into the restaurant we were surprised about the interior it was really nice and modern!

Looking at the menu, there were so many choices for lunch! There were SO many…just look at the pictures… pretty decent price too.

After looking over the menu over …and over and over again…M decided to get the baked pork chop on rice ($7.95) and a jumbo coffee/tea mix (ying yeung)(+$1.50). M liked the baked pork chop because the pork cutlet had no bone and was already cut! Inside there were also mushrooms incorporated into this dish, which he thought it was unique because other places don’t include mushrooms. Clearly, he has had a lot of baked pork chops in his lifetime. The jumbo ying yeung was HUGE! If you look at the image, it towers over the little cup of tea.

I got the BBQ duck in noodle soup ($7.95). I was really craving meat and BBQ duck is to DIE FOR. They put in some good duck parts into the dish. I wish I asked for some hot sauce to go along with this because the noodles were a bit bland. The vegetables in the dish was really fresh and perfectly cooked. I also followed M and got the jumbo coffee/tea mix.

Head over to Copa Cafe if you are looking for Hong Kong style cafe food. Most items are under $10 for a lunch set meal.

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South Cambie Street
4030 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V5Z

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