Colour See See: Shanghainese Dumplings in Burnaby

Diana Chan March 19, 2019 Shanghai, South Burnaby

Colour See See is a new Shanghainese Dumpling shop located in Burnaby right across from Metropolis at Metrotown. I heard from a few people that I have to check this place out, so a few of us decided to come here on the weekend for lunch. Do be warned that service is also very slow. There is paid parking on the street and it is cash only under $30.

The name Colour See See sounds like a name suited for a hair salon, but it is in fact a play on a Chinese saying meaning “I’ll show you, just watch”.


The space is pretty small with just a few tables and the rest of the space is for their kitchen, storage, and washrooms. It can get pretty busy on a weekend.


Cold Soy Milk

This was a pretty standard soy milk. Nothing special about this.

Mini Wonton Soup

There are 10 mini wontons with pork filling in this soup. It also has green onions, parsley, egg, shrimp and seaweed. The mini wontons were really tiny, but there is another option on the menu for their regular wonton soup.

Pan Fried Buns

There are 4 buns to an order. Crisp on the bottom, a good thickness of the bun and the filling inside. We got the crab and pork filling and it was good to see the pieces of shrimp inside too.

Pan Fried Dumplings

There are 4 pieces to an order and we got it with crab meat and pork filling. The filling was nice and tasty. It was a small dish for $7.95 at almost $2 per dumpling which is a bit much, but then again its the crab that makes it cost so much.

Steamed Soup Buns

These come 6 to an order. The dumplings has a thin delicate skin with hot soup as well as the pork filling inside. Of all the dumplings, this was the favourite, but it’s hard to not like xiao long bao.

Final Thoughts

The experience overall was very subpar because it did take 1.5 hours for all the dumplings to come out for such small dishes. I understand it is all made to order by hand but other places are the same too, but it’s strange that the execution is so slow. Other restaurants in the area are much better. I wanted to like this place, but I won’t be back anytime soon.

4689 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC

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