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Diana Chan April 26, 2014 British Columbia, product


It’s coffee time. The Sweet Smelling Coffee Mail was sent to my dwelling by local entrepreneurs – Jonny and Tessa Hughes. They created Coffee Mail to make good coffee accessible to busy Vancouverites, plus they are huge passion for good coffee. I like a good cup of coffee, but I don’t know enough about beans to make an informed discussion on what’s good to buy.

With Coffee Mail, they make sure they get the best beans possible and do all that research. They work with Timbertrain Coffee Roasters to create custom roasts for Coffee Mail.

They currently offer 2 types of coffee subscriptions – weekly ($80 per month) and bi-weekly ($40 per month). They also do single bags for $20 if you’re not ready to take the plunge.


This week featured Finca La Perla from Guatemala. You can brew this into drip coffee or an espresso depending on what coffee equipment you have.

The tasting notes:
Chocolate, caramel, and a hint of molasses with a brown sugar sweetness and low acidity.


I enlisted my friend- CoffeeLover to help me make a pour-over. We had the grinder, pour over contraption, coffee filters and the delicious beans.


The subscription comes with a brew guide to get the optimal flavour from the beans, so it’s good for newbie coffee makers like me.


We grind the coffee immediately before brewing. Once you’ve done grinding, just take a sniff of this stuff, it smells AMAZING. You can really pick up the chocolate and caramel notes. It got me really excited.


We got the kettle right off the stove at about 96c and poured it over the coffee grinds and the coffee filter.

The ratio should be 4 tbsp of coffee with 16oz of water to make 2 cups.


Look at it go. It does take a while to make a pour over, but it’s worth it.


You leave it until it all drips down.


Once it was all done, it tasted good. I usually need milk and sugar with other coffee’s but this was good just black. M and Scarface also had some of this and really liked the flavour of the coffee.


Overall, I really liked the Coffee Mail experience. It was probably the best black coffee I’ve ever had. Check out their FAQs if you are curious about what to expect or have more burning questions.


If you would like to try Coffee Mail out for yourselves, Coffee Mail is providing a coupon code to Foodology reader with 15% off all coffee orders.

Coupon Code: FOODOLOGY15



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  1. Laureen June 5, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    FYI, I clicked on the links and got a message that Coffee Mail is no longer in business 🙁

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