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Cockney Kings Fish & Chips in North Burnaby has been here forever! They also have another location in New Westminster. I remember in High School, everyone would come here for cheap all you can eat from Monday to Wednesday and stuff their faces. It never really appealed to me.

M wanted to give it a try since he heard it was good from his friends, so after 14 years of avoiding this place, I saw what Cockney Kings is all about.


We came on a Tuesday, so this place was packed for dinner.


You can also get take-out to avoid the line up inside. We did see a lot of people ordering take out.


All You Can Eat Pollock Fish and Chips ($9.99) is only available Monday to Wednesday. They use pollock, which is a cheaper variety of fish, thus the great price. You can only order this if you dine in.


My plate came with 3 pieces and I found with all them was that the pollock was quite small and its encrusted with so much batter that all you taste is the batter. The pollock is quite bland and not juicy at all.


The all you can eat also comes with pop. A good way to wash down all that batter and chips.


M on the other hand opted to get the regular fish and chips items off the menu. 1 piece halibut and 1 piece salmon.  It comes with coleslaw and a soft bun.

It’s part of the combo dinner and it was $16.25 as M wanted to upgrade a piece to halibut. It comes with a bun and coleslaw on the side.


The bun was quite large and has 2 pieces of butter on the side.


The halibut was flakey and juicy. 1000x better than the pollock! The batter is quite thin so you can really taste the fish.


The salmon is also very nice! Cooked well so its still juicy. The batter is also thin.


Having had both all you can eat and the regular menu, I would stick with the regular menu and pay a bit more.

We Rate Cockney Kings Fish & Chips

Kensington Square
6574 Hastings Street, Burnaby


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  1. Riddlemethis March 25, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    Unless you are fish expert, most people cannot differentiate between halibut and cod. That’s why it’s wise to stick with the cod when dining out.

    In terms of true english style fish and chips, the batter is not supposed to be thin or light. Fries should be golden, not brown. Portions are supposed to be small when you choose the AUCE option, you can always ask for more. This is done deliberately to prevent waste. As a serial diner as yourself, I am surprised you don’t know this.

    While the pollock is obviously not as moist and is slightly different in taste from the cod, most people won’t be able to tell the difference. In fact, I suspect the size of the fish and batter style likely put you off so your taste buds were “confused”. Nonetheless, you do get very good value when you choose the all you can eat option at CK.

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