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Diana Chan June 11, 2015 Downtown, Happy Hour, WestCoast


Coast is part of the Glowbal Group of restaurants and they specialize in seafood. They bring together West Coast flavours with fresh local seafood.

They have a special cocktail hour from 2:30pm till 5:30pm. On this menu, there is $5 beer and wine as well as oysters, appies, entrees, sushi and sashimi. We rushed from work to make it on time.


As we arrived, the waitress was a bit rushed and impatient about ordering. With 20 minutes to spare, we put in our order but then the waitress was a bit rude and told us we only have 4 minutes to make another order. She was very precise in saying 4 minutes. Not 5 minutes, just 4. You can tell Happy Hour doesn’t bring happiness to the staff since they get slammed with orders.

For a nicer restaurant, I’m not sure why the service is so poor.


Kirin Beer ($5) is a light beer thats crisp and smooth.
Warsteiner ($5) was pretty good, it has a clean, crisp, refreshing taste.

Both good choices to go with the food they serve. Light beers go well with seafood and fried foods.


Kusshi Oyster ($3.70 each) tastes clean, mildly sweet, delicate, and meaty. It’s one of my favourite types of oysters.


Beni Sake Salmon Sashimi ($6.50)
Toro Tuna Belly Sashimi ($7.50)

Both were good.


Smoked Salmon Flatbread ($16.95) has dill crème fraîche, red onion capers, and arugula. It is a filling item to order and there’s a good amount of smoked salmon on top.


Crispy Garlic Calamari ($14.95) is topped with fresno chillies, cilantro, and a lime aioli. It wasn’t very crispy after a while, it got quite limp.

Overall, the food was alright, but nothing very special. I would still prefer to go to a Japanese restaurant to get food like this. Even with the food 50% off, it was still a tad expensive.

We rate Coast:

1054 Alberni Street, Vancouver


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