Club Ilia: I Go Gaga Over Tuna

Diana Chan October 24, 2011 lunch, North Burnaby, Pub/Bar, Sandwich, Three Beakers

I met up with fellow SFU Food Blogger – The Food Queen! We were chatting on Twitter and decided to just meet up since it’s fun to eat with others. Since she was on her hunt to try out all the food places at SFU, I thought Club Ilia would be a great place to meet up. It’s not the best place for a quick lunch for one since it’s best with 2 since they have tables. It’s a good place for meetings or more formal-ish lunches.

Club Ilia is an eatery/ lounge that opened up at SFU a few years ago to add to the dining scene. They have a good selection of items.

Sesame crusted tuna sandwich ($13) was something I had to get when I saw it on their daily special menu! I have a weird obsession to find the best ahi tuna burger since Havana’s no longer has their ahi tuna burger. ūüôĀ

It took them a while to get the sandwich ready since they had to defrost the tuna before serving. It’s a funny thing because it was on their daily special, they probably should have been more prepared ahead of time.

It’s got mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, onions and the sesame encrusted seared tuna. I thought it was alright, I thought the cut of tuna could have been a bit thicker since the bun was quite thick compared to the ingredients.

You can also choose your side of salad! I got the salad and it wasn’t bad at all! The greens were fresh and had HUGE cuts of tomatoes. Since they didn’t have balsamic vinegar, I got a raspberry¬†vinaigrette.

Or you can get fries! Food Queen totally had to go with the fries. They do look good. ¬†Check out FoodQueen’s review on Club Ilia here!

Overall, it’s not a bad place to dine on campus. SO much better than the other quick stops at Cornerstone or the cafeteria.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Variety of Beer on tap
  • Decent prices for lunch but dinner can get a bit pricey

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8902 University High St
Burnaby, BC V5A

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