Easily Cleaning a Glass Stove Top with the Weiman Cook Top Kit

Diana Chan May 26, 2018 Cleaning

My glass stove top is a mess after a week of cooking. There are stains from pasta sauce and water that has boiled over. I have a love hate relationship with glass stove tops because they are a pain to clean up the burnt on gunk that just won’t go away from a good wipe. I feel pretty embarrassed when people look at my kitchen and see all the uncleanliness of the stove.

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I went to my local store and saw the Weiman Cook Top Kit for $9.99 to see if it would do the trick.

What’s in the Weiman Cook Top Kit?

In this small box, there is the cleaner and polish in a 2oz bottle, scrubbing pad, cleaning tool, and a razor scraper.

The cleanser and polish are really small, so don’t expect it to last long. I find this kit kinda like a tester to see if you like it or not.

Let’s Get Cleaning!

The instructions says to add a quarter sized amount of cleanser and polish on the cook top. Then you can start scrubbing away.

The scrubbing pad isn’t anything special, but the cleaning tool helps you apply even more force on the burnt stains. I added another quarter sized amount of cleanser since it didn’t feel like it was enough.

Afterwards when you’re happy that you’ve scrubbed hard enough or when your hands get tired, you can take a soft cloth or a paper towel to remove any residue.

Oh man, it sure did get A LOT of that residue off. Just look at all that grease and filth. I was really surprised it looked so brown.

For any spots that are still on there, you can use the scraper at a 45 degree angle to scrape it away. You need to flip the razor before using it to expose the sharp side. This device works pretty well as it lifts those stubborn spots.

The Results

I was surprised at the results. It took out about 95% if the grime. There were still a few tricky spots that I couldn’t remove but so far it’s been the best product I’ve used so far. When my husband walked home he instantly noticed how clean the stove is and didn’t notice the tiny spots.

A job well done and I would use the Weiman Cook Top Kit again. If I do run out of cleaner and polish, I’ll probably just buy a bigger bottle instead of getting the kit over and over again.

Where to buy

You can get it on Amazon for $9.99 and get it shipped to your home. Your local hardware or grocery stores may have it in the cleaning aisle.


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