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Diana Chan June 14, 2014 North Burnaby, product, Specialty Shop, Three Beakers


Clancy’s Meat Co. is located in the Kensington Plaza in North Burnaby. M and I are always disappointed when going to Safeway a few doors down for meat. So, we decided to go see what Clancy’s Meat Co had to offer. Imagine it like M&M Meat Shop but different. They sell fresh and frozen meat products, and ready-to-eat meals in stores. Everything is organic and preservative-free.

There’s no butcher shop close to our place that opens after 6pm, so it’s hard to find good meat products after work.


The store has a simple layout with the fresh item in the counters and the frozen stuff in the fridges.


A lot of the steaks are pre-marinated, so you don’t have to do any of the thinking at home. They do have a few selections than are left unseasoned.


Same thing with the chicken breasts. You will find a lot of different flavours. My favourite is the Out of Control chicken breast, which is the yellow one in the photo.


One of our favourite items are the stuffed mushrooms. So good.



The rest of the food and a majority of the seafood products are frozen. I guess if you are looking for a quick dinner with little preparation, this might be for you.


They also sell sauce to go with the meal.


Two Can Dine ($19.99) comes with 2 sirloin steals, 2 shrimp skewers, 2 stuffed mushroom caps and 2 stuffed potatoes. Since it’s just M and I , we thought it would be good to give it a try.

All the items come with cooking instructions. You can find it online or get the staff to let you know the best way to prepare the items.


The stuffed potatoes are all frozen. There are many flavours to choose from but we got the Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Potato and the Parm, Herb and Garlic Stuffed Potatoes. We stuck them into the oven at 350’F for 50 minutes.


Voila, dinner is served. We made a simple salad just to add some more vegetables to the meal. The baked potatoes were surprisingly good, mushrooms were so good, steak was tender and full of flavour. The shrimp was ok, but not the best.


It was an easily meal to make since most of the items we just threw into the oven. It’s kinda like a full proof plan if you don’t know how to cook.


We do go to Clancy’s quite often because it’s convenient and still cheaper than eating out. On another night we got Greek marinated Chicken Breast ($3.98) and a bacon wrapped chicken breast with asparagus, ham and cheese.


‘Out of Control’ marinated Chicken Breast ($3.98) and a bacon wrapped chicken breast with asparagus ham and cheese.

Surprisingly, the marinade was not spicy at all.


3 Pepper New York Steak ($4.98) and a few of the stuffed mushrooms ($1.98 each).The best stuffed mushroom is the Thermador Stuffed mushroom has the white mushroom caps are stuffed with lobster, cream cheese and some spices. 


Another time we got the stuffed Zuchinni, Out of Control Chicken Breast and the tilapia stuffed with lobster and cream cheese.

Overall, it’s a decent place to go if you want something easy to make for dinner. For M and I, this a quick meal to create after work. The shop is convenient and the prices are reasonable. I just wish there were more variety of fresh items.

We Rate Clancy’s Meat Co

6556 Hastings St. Burnaby BC


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