City Market Downtown on 104th in Edmonton

Diana Chan July 12, 2018 Edmonton, travel

Every Saturday from May Long Weekend to Thanksgiving at 9am to 3pm, you’ll find the City Market Downtown on 104th bustling with lots of local vendors selling quality produce and goods delivered direct by friendly, local farmers, growers and artisans.

This farmer’s market has been an integral part of Edmonton’s downtown for more than a century.

This market does run for all season, so during the colder months, they can be found indoors at City Hall (Sir Winston Churchill Square) from October 13 to May 11 at 10am to 3pm.

After we landed in Edmonton, we checked into our hotel and made a stop here to stroll around and grab a snack before heading off to our next adventure. What I noticed immediately was the size of this farmers market. It runs for a few blocks and there are so many vendors all in one spot.

There is a small area with food and drink vendors serving up coffee, tacos, green onion pancakes, meat pies, Malaysian food and a few other options. Make sure you bring cash and most vendors only take cash.

There are ATMs as well, but you may incur a fee.

One of the most popular food vendors is Meat Street Pies as they have 11 different pie options.

I went with the Jamaican Patty and it was so delicious. The peppers, herbs and spices mixed with the ground beef was spicy but worked so well. Highly recommended if you want a bite from the market.

A lot of the produce is seasonal and fresh right from the farm. When we were here, the 2 biggest items were BC cherries and asparagus.

A lot of the booth let you sample the items before buying, which is nice.

There were a few beer and spirits booths too, which is a very good balance for this kind of market.

Final Thoughts

This market is pretty darn awesome and I was impressed by the size of it. Definitely rivals some other markets I’ve been to in Western Canada. There are a lot of great vendors with awesome produce, so check it out.


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