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Diana Chan June 28, 2015 Harrison Hot Springs, Kid Friendly


When you’re in the Fraser Valley, don’t forget to take a look at the Circle Farm Tour. It is a self-guided farm tour and it is available in 5 different regions:

  • Abbotsford
  • Agassiz + Harrison Mills
  • Chilliwack
  • Langley
  • Maple Ridge + Pitt Meadows

Depending where you are passing through, make sure you make a few stops at the farms or wineries. Each farm is unique in its own way and you can really go grocery shopping at the source of it all – the farm. Just make sure you pack a cooler so nothing spoils.



It’s free and you can go at your own pace. Especially if you have kids, you know sometimes they can’t be kept on a schedule. The only requirement is that you need to travel in your own car.


Make sure you have a GPS or a map to navigate your way around. Even though we have Google Maps on our phones, we did manage to get lost a few times.


We actually didn’t mind because the drive is very nice! Mountains in the background, lots of trees, and even some animals.


I made a long stop at The Farm House Natural Cheeses as it was one of the highlights on our tour. It’s a family farm near Harrison Hot Springs


Right before the barns, you will see a shop where you can purchase a variety of their dairy products.


I even got myself some cheese curds! Who says you need to go all the way to Montreal to get squeaky cheese.


Besides buying cheese, you can go into their barns and check out their animals in the area. We saw a few cats and man, these cats were nice and friendly. Very chill cats and they just were enjoying the nice summer weather.


You need cows to produce milk to make a lot of dairy products, so we caught a glimpse of their cows. These cows looked happy, they had  lots of space to walk around and were not crammed together.

I really admire that. You gotta keep the animals happy in order to make high quality products.


Then there were the goats. They had a lot of goats that were so vocal and curious that we were on the farm. I think they wanted to jump out of the barns to check us out. Very cute and beautiful.


There were also horses!


Every farm is a little bit different and may have other activities or special events happening.


Be sure to check out the Circle Farm Tour to see which farms works for you and if it is worthwhile making a stop.


The tour can be short if you only want a day trip out of the city. I enjoyed making a few stops at the farms since it’s good to really take a day and spend it away from the city. There’s a lot we take for granted and BC farms make some awesome produce.


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