Cineplex VIP Cinemas: Open in Vancouver at Marine Gateway

Diana Chan March 22, 2016 British Columbia


Cineplex Entertainment opens their newest theatre in Vancouver’s Marine Gateway neighbourhood. It’s easily accessible by Skytrain and has a few interesting shops around it like Winners and T&T.

It’s great to have a new theatre in this area as most people have to travel Richmond or Coquitlam for VIP options.

In the Marine Gateway complex is underground paid parking. If you are looking for free parking, there is some on Marine Drive in the evening. We ended up parking underground for the convenience and its pretty confusing as it was our first time here. It’s too bad that there is paid parking because other Cineplex locations has free parking. It makes sense since they don’t want people parking here and then hopping on the skytrain to go elsewhere.


The entire theatre has over 1,900 seats and 11 screens. The theatre is built over two storeys, the first floor features seven traditional auditoriums and an UltraAVX auditorium. The second level is home to the theatre’s three VIP Cinema auditoriums and licensed lounge.


I went for the UltraAVX option to watch Zootopia. We were able to reserve seats online and have the awesome Tuesday deal for $9.45 after taxes.

Since we got the tickets online, we printed the tickets before heading over.


After the food and arcade area, they check your tickets before you head to your designated theatre.


You won’t be able to miss the theatre since it is labeled UltraAVX and the corresponding movie poster is displayed.



The theatre’s UltraAVX auditorium features comfy high-back rocker seats that can be reserved in advanced as well as two rows of D-BOX Motion Seating, which move in concert with the action on screen.


Before you sit down, make sure you are in the right seats, right theatre and visiting on the right date. A few times we’ve encountered people claiming our seats were theres since they made a mistake. Always better to be safe than sorry.


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