Cineplex Cinemas D-Box: Review

Diana Chan May 16, 2018 British Columbia, travel

One of the newer features at Cineplex is their D-Box immersive experience where the seats rumble and move with the movie. We came here on a Tuesday, when the prices are cheaper than the rest of the week to watch Avengers: Infinity War. They are around $25 regularly and $14 on a Tuesday, definitely not cheap but at least the seats are reserved ahead of time, but that is slowly becoming the norm.

Theatre Entrance

The area where D-Box seats are at the Scotiabank Theatre in Downtown Vancouver is in their Ultra AVX area. You won’t find any fancy signs.

30 Seats Inside the Theatre

D-Box seats are in red and there are only 30 seats per theatre. 3 rows of 10 seats each. The rest of the seats in the Ultra AVX theatre is dark blue. With every scene, you can feel the motion and on-screen action in your own seat. The movie is coded, frame by frame, to create to matching motion effects that syncs with the movie and people either love it or hate it.

View from the seats

We chose the first row of D-Box smack in the middle and this is the view. Not bad at all.

Seat Controls

Each seat has a control where you can have 4 levels of intensity to how intense you want the rumble. My husband liked it at full blast, but I prefer to have it with very minimal movement as it felt more like someone was vigorously kicking my seat. You will feel every pan or zoom of the camera. Alternatively you can turn it off, but you are spending quite a bit on the tickets to experience this…unless you were the unwilling guest.

Final Thought

You are paying a premium to sit in these seats and I didn’t like the motion at all not matter which setting I used. Any movement of the chair, I felt like I was focusing less on the movie as I was fixated on deciding if I should turn the motion off or keep it on.

I definitely wouldn’t spend the extra money on D-Box, but that is my personal preference. Have you been? What was your experience?


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