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Diana Chan December 7, 2010 Italian, Robson Street/West End, Three Beakers

CinCIn Restaurant + Bar is a high end restaurant where many locals and celebrities like to dine. I came here a few years ago for Dine Out and I was not in love with this place. I heard it tends to happen during dine out.

Today, the Finance Club execs headed over to CinCin for a nice social dinner.

The interior has a very nice italian feel to the decor. Nice soft dim light are used to simulate  romantic atmosphere.

In the main dining room, you can see their chefs cooking. Yet again you can see more of the warm italian looking decor.

Bread with olive spread

CFAGirl and I both had the Osso Buco Milanese ($34.00) which is milk fed veal shank with saffron risotto, hazelnut gremolata, and parmigiano reggiano. The meal fell off the bone very nicely. The hazelnut topping gave the meat a very nice crunch to the bite.

They even give you a small spoon to eat the bone marrow.

It was highly recommended by the waiter!

FinanceGirl got the Branzio ($36.50). It is a whole mediterranean sea bass, citrus and fennel salad with salsa verde. She accidentally ordered this and was so amused that she had a fish on the table when everyone else had meat or pasta.

She really enjoyed it even though it was just a piece of sea bass and a small salad, she really enjoyed dissecting her meal. There are bones, so this is not good for those people who hate working on their meal.

To end off the meal, I had a latte.

CFAGirl and FinanceGirl had the Dorian Grey tea.

I got the dark chocolate + lemon semi-freddo ($12.50), which has hazelnut nougatine and cherry sauce and caramelized winter fruits. The nougatine encrusted semi-freddo gave this dessert more body and texture.

I had this all to myself, but I soon realized it was meant to be shared. After eating such a large entree, your stomach may not have enough space.

FinanceBoy had the rhum baba ($12.50), which is fresh fruit salad with whipping cream and rhum raisin gelato. This dessert tastes quite alcoholic, so if you don’t like the strong rum taste, this dessert will not be for you.

FinanceQueen, Finance Girl and CFAGirl all got the tiramisu ($11.50). It has house made lady fingers soaked in espresso and kahlua and mascarpone cream.

At the end of our meal, we were given our bill of $280 (ouch) and 3 hazelnut butter cookies, and 2 banana bread tasting mini muffin things.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Expensive, good for special occasions
  • Oven fired pizzas are popular
  • They are open for Lunch in December, if you don’t want to go for dinner
  • Osso Buco Milanese is good

We rate CinCin:


They are located at:

1154 Robson St
Vancouver, BC

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