Church’s Chicken: Korean Style Chicken

Diana Chan September 29, 2013 Coquitlam, Fast Food, Three Beakers

Church's Chicken

I have been feeling quite junky lately by having a lot of fast food. Perhaps it’s because of the really crappy weather lately. It makes me just want to stay home and watch Breaking Bad. Last episode tonight! I’m just really excited to see how it all ends. But I digress.

I’ve always had a soft spot of Church’s Chicken because of their crunchy chicken skin and moist meat.

Church's Chicken

What we recently noticed is their introduction of their Korean Style Chicken. It is their fried drumstick doused in sweet and spicy sauce. This particular Church’s Chicken is located near “Korean Town”, so it was interesting to see how close they could make it taste like real Korean Chicken.

The original name used to be “Gangnam Style Chicken” to feed off the popularity of Psy’s song – Gangnam Style. Unfortunately, they changed it due to legal issues.

Church's Chicken

You order up at the counter and nothing is very interesting here. Nothing special either, but you can see how they cook their chicken. Smells good too!

Church's Chicken

Korean Style Chicken (5 Pieces – $7) it’s all drunk sticks. M found it more sweet than spicy. Its doused in sauce and if you are doing take out, the sauce seeps out of the box…so be careful. M didn’t particularly like it.

With the abundance of Korean chicken in this area, we prefer to go to Ajuker.

Church's Chicken

Spicy Fried Chicken 3 Piece Meal ($10.08) it comes with a regular soda, small fries and 3 pieces of fried chicken. You can have original or spicy flavours but  I like it spicy. This is one of the only thing I order.

I really like it and much better than KFC.

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555 North Rd
Coquitlam, BC


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