Chronic Tacos Cantina: Taco, Taco, Taco

Diana Chan February 23, 2012 Gastown, Mexican, Three Beakers

Chronic Tacos opened up their third location in Gastown! Since I saw a Social Shopper deal, I quickly got it! I’ve been to another location and the food was good. This Chronic Taco location is much larger and has 2 floors.

The interior is bright red with lots of TV around to watch games.

Lots of seating, a few booth seating and the upstairs area. The chairs are like outdated banquet chairs. Not the most pretty furniture or tables, but it’s about the food right?

Pop ($1.99) normal stuff and comes with refills!

Chips and Salsa ($2.99) I liked the crunchy chips but I wish there was more salsa. The salsa was alright but it was very watery.

For the two tacos that were part of the Social Shopper deal, we got the Carnitas taco and Fish taco. These are a bit small and nothing like Taco Time. You may need 3 or 4 to get full.

Fish Taco ($3.79) has a small tortilla with cabbage, and salsa. It was good, but wasn’t super amazing.

Carnitas Taco ($3.49) has tender and juicy beef with guacamole and lettuce. It was ok too.

Carnitas Quesadilla ($9.49) has a good amount of cheese and carnitas meat inside. It also comes with a few sauces. Its has a much larger size than the tacos.

It was well made, but you definitely need to dip it into the sauce to get more flavour. I probably liked the quesadilla out of all the other items.

Overall, the food was alright, but not super amazing. In a way, it is like a cantina, where you just drink more and have a few little snacks. They do have the bar and the room for it. It’s good game food too. Since the space is pretty large too, service wasn’t super good. It was alright.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Decent Mexican eats
  • Around $10
  • Lots of space to watch the game
  • Anything with Carnitas is delicious

We Rate Chronic Tacos Cantina:

102 Water Street
Vancouver, BC


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