Chou Chou Crepes: French Crepes on Wheels

Diana Chan August 13, 2013 Downtown, Food Carts, French, Streetcart, Three Beakers

Queen Elizabeth Plaza Food trucks

The Queen Elizabeth Plaza Food Cart Pod is now open and there are some mighty delicious food trucks in the area. You need to keep an eye on the Vancouver Food Truck App to see what trucks will be open that day. Its always different.

Chou Chou Crepes

Chou Chou is a new food cart in Vancouver. They sell French crepes, made by a French woman. What I like about this food cart is that she makes the crepes ready to order right in front of you.

Chou Chou Crepes

There serve savoury crepes and sweet crepes.

Chou Chou Crepes

It’s like a meal and a mini show. Just watching her make the crepes were pretty cool when you actually see the ingredients go inside.

Chou Chou Crepes

Madame Marie Crepe ($8) has mozzarella, black forest ham, apple compote, and greens. LonelyCubicle enjoyed it.

Chou Chou Crepes

Chou Chou Crepes

Mr Saumon ($9) has smoked BC salmon, mascarpone, chives, lemon, pepper, and green. I thought it was pretty good. Very portable to eat if you want to walk around Downtown.

Chou Chou Crepes

Caramel Sale ($6.50) is slathered with homemade salted caramel. She doesn’t skimp on this either. When it’s all done, you’ll get all sticky from the oozing salted caramel. Magz took the leftover caramel at the bottom of the bag, went back to the office and made herself a cup of milk sweetened with the salted caramel sauce.

Chou Chou Crepes

Overall, the crepes are pretty good, but if you are a big eater, you may still be a bit hungry afterwards. There are some seats in the area that you can sit at. We decided to check out CBC’s outdoor concert series during the weekday.

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