Choi Fook Restaurant: Dinner After HK 15 Fireworks

Diana Chan August 2, 2012 Chinese, North Point, Two Beakers

On July 1st in Hong Kong, they were celebrating the 15th anniversary of the handover of British rule to the Chinese. Every year they celebrate by having fireworks at Victoria Harbour. I find it amazing how July 1st is also Canada Day on the other side of the world. No matter where my little sister is on her birthday, she can always see fireworks!

After the fireworks, we headed to Choi Fook Restaurant. They were having a busy nights with large celebrations, so at 9pm, we still had to wait for a table of 5. This restaurant is owned by the U-Banquet group and has various restaurant all across Hong Kong.

The interior space was reduced since they had to close off sections of the restaurant for a few events happening at the same place.

They have a huge tank with all the different seafood.

You have an option of washing your utensil here. Some people do it, some people don’t. Sometimes their dishwashers don’t clean everything off the utensils and dishes, so do look carefully.

Sauteed shrimp in green onion and peppers was a good dish, but nothing too special.

Steamed Chicken was good. It’s a classic dish to order and you can’t go wrong with it.

Braised Duck Feet and mushrooms in a pot was delicious and is recommended to have rice to accompany it. Don’t let those juices go to waste. To some people, eating duck feet is weird, but it’s not disgusting. It tastes very savory and kinda like noodles.

Steamed Fish in Fish Sauce took forever to come out of the kitchen. There was a banquet next door, so I assume they just prepared all the fish at one time.

Longevity Bun is a Chinese steamed bun in the shape of a peach. It was my sister’s Birthday and this was the only option they had off the menu. The reason why it’s shaped like a peach is because it’s a symbol of long life. There is an old story of a lady who has a magical peach tree that bears special peaches that grant immortality to all those who eat them.

The inside egg yolk is very oily and it’s a good things that the yolks flavour in the oil seeps into the bun. Very delicious, but yet again, probably high in calories.

Overall, the food was ok and not anything amazing. The service wasn’t that great because some servers seemed a bit rude.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Fortress Hill MTR Exit B
  • Busy at peak hours
  • Decent food

We Rate Choi Fook Restaurant:

3/F, Olympia Plaza, 255 King’s Road,
North Point, Hong Kong


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