PC Insiders Collection: Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar

Diana Chan December 20, 2016 product

President’s Choice released their Winter PC Insiders Collection and there were lots of cool products, but one of my favourites was the Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar. I am a huge fan of pecan pies and once I have a piece I can’t stop eating it. If you’re too lazy to cook something for a holiday party, pick this up and your guests will love it. It’s cheap and it won’t break the bank ay $7.95.

The filling is made with brown sugar, semi-sweet chocolate, butter and vanilla poured in a flaky rectangular-shaped pastry. It’s hand-topped with pecan halves and baked until tender and crisp.

Simple to slice crosswise into individual bars or on alternating angles for a more classic wedge shape.

I cut it on alternating angles to have the super cute wedge. I liked the ratio of the mixture to the pecans.

Pair it with ice cream or top it off with whipped cream.

You can find this in the bakery section of the Real Canadian Superstore.


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