Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches: Chipotle Chili Slams

Diana Chan December 4, 2012 Food for Thought, product

In Episode 2 of Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches, Stephen Child’s Chipotle Chili Slams won the Savory Snacks Category. He is from Victoria, British Columbia and battled many other home cooks to win. Don’t let the chili scare you on the package, it’s not that intense.

Childs is a civil engineer whose passion for food is surpassed only by his keen sense of ingenuity. Only a guy like Stephen could take a recipe for a classic comfort food like chili with cornbread and turn it inside-out, so to speak, with delicious success.

Each box retails for $4.99 and is available at all Loblaw stores across Canada! Any place that sells Presidents Choice products.

Inside the box are 4 wrapped up Chipotle Chili Slams.

You can either microwave it quickly or throw it in the toaster oven.

Thats how it looks like when it’s out of the oven.

The Chipotle Chili Slams contains some vegetarian bean chili filling covered in a golden wheat and cornmeal pastry. I find the best way to prepare this is through the mini oven, but if you don’t have time, the microwave is good too, except you won’t get as crunchy of an exterior. It wasn’t too spicy at all and tasted really good. The only thing I didn’t like was the cornmeal falling off.

Too bad they had to modify the recipe. I would have loved to try it how it was meant to be eaten.

The recipe is on their website here.

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