Everything you wanted to know about the Chinese Szechuan Sauce from McDonald’s Canada

Diana Chan June 19, 2018 British Columbia, Fast Food

McDonald’s Canada exclusively launched 300 bottles of the Chinese Szechuan Sauce to promote the World Taste Tour new menu offerings and we were one of the lucky recipients of a bottle. I blog a lot about McDonalds and it’s something nostalgic that always brings me back to my childhood. When I started my blog back in 2010, McDonalds items were always so fun to write about, plus it made for some very popular content. Even last year when I wrote about the bottled McChicken, Filet-o-fish and Big Mac Sauce coming to Canadian grocery stores, the whole world went bonkers.

With the arrival of the Chinese Szechuan Sauce, the first question on everyone’s mind is if this is the same sauce as what the United States got. McDonalds Canada states that this is not the same Szechuan sauce and is a unique Canadian recipe. I’ve never tried the US version, so I wouldn’t know if its similar or not. Take a look at the ingredients and maybe one of you can help identify it through the ingredients list. The sauce comes straight from McDonalds Canada if you look closely at the label and can’t be found in any retail store.

I contemplated for a weekend if I should open this or not and I realized I’m not a true fan if I didn’t eat it and share it. So I got my 10 pack of McNuggets and ate it all by myself. To my surprise, the sauce was good. It is like an elevated version of the sweet and sour sauce with more garlic, ginger, a kick of spice.

A majority of people will be enjoying the Chinese Szechuan Sauce in the Chinese Szechuan Burger only available until July 1st. There are 80 bottles of this sauce up for grabs at Daily Hive Canada if you enter their contest.

I’ll be personally keeping my bottle and sharing it around this Summer for all the BBQ parties with friends and family. If you want to come all the way to Vancouver to have some, I’ll be happy to share. 🙂

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