Chinatown Cocktail Crawl: Sai Woo, The Keefer Bar and Black Lounge

Diana Chan July 5, 2018 Bar and Grill, Chinatown, Event

The Vancouver Gourmet Club has held their third cocktail crawl in the Chinatown neighbourhood. This historic neighbourhood is home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the city. Within 2.5 hours, we hit 3 places – Sai Woo, The Keefer Bar and Black Lounge all within a few blocks away.

These cocktail crawls are a great way to see more of the neighbourhood and explore the cocktail scene in the area all in one night. You’ll be able to take old favourites and discover new ones too. it’s always best to attend these cocktail crawls with a few friends so you can try some of their drinks too.

By being part of the tour, you are part of the Vancouver Gourmet Club as a member where you get discounts at select featured restaurants around town and future cocktail crawls.

Sai Woo

Sai Woo is a casual Asian fusion eatery on Pender Street. It has a rich history and the culture kept alive with a modern twist.

At this location, we were treated to one of three cocktail options and appetizers too.

Chinatown Mule

This is their take on a Moscow Mule and it has Jack Daniels, Ginger Beer, Bitters, and Fresh lime.

3 Day Bender

This drink has Old Grand-Dad Bourbon, Aperol, Averna Amaro, and Fresh Lemon. The stronger of the three drinks, but still very good.


This drink has Cachaca 51, Guava Juice, Orange Juice, Fresh Lime, and Sloe Gin. Fruitier of the 3 options and easy to drink. it has a very similar look to the Chinatown Mule.

Vietnamese Pork Spring Rolls

The spring rolls were crisp and deliciously savoury inside.

Mantou Buns with duck confit

These big buns have their duck confit filling. Imagine like a Chinese sandwich.

Black Lounge

Black Lounge is located outside of International Village and when you walk inside, everything is sleek black with hints of gold.

Gold Cocktail

This has Jameson, Lemon Ginger Honey, and topped with fabulous Gold Flakes.

White Cocktail

This has Vodka, Creme de Cacao, Frangelico, Cream, and extra Gold Flakes too. This drink was really good since it reminded us of a chocolate milk with the creme de cacao and cream.

Black Cocktail

This cocktail messes with my mind since it looks like coca cola. It has Hornitos Tequila, Cherry Brandy, Disaronno Amaretto, Cranberry, Charcoal, and Candied Ginger.

The charcoal really gives it the black look that represents Black Lounge. The candied ginger was a nice touch to add some contrast to the drink. The amaretto did give the drink a bit of a sweeter kick.

Fried Cauliflower

Of the two appetizers, this was my favourite. It has a nice crisp batter and paired with a spicy mayo.

Coconut Prawns

This was the second appetizer served family style. It has the coconut batter over the pieces of large shrimp. It is also served with the spicy mayo.

The Keefer Bar

Last but not least is The Keefer Bar, know for one of the best cocktail programs in Vancouver. The space is reminiscent of a Chinese underground apothecary. They also have great happy hours where you’ll find some of the drinks featured in the cocktail crawl on their regular menu.

Rosemary Gimlet

This is my absolute favourite. It has gin and their house made rosemary lime cordial with a sprig of rosemary. You must order this if you enjoy rosemary.

Pineapple Daiquiri

This delightful drink has grilled pineapple infused rum, fresh squeezed lime juice & maple/ yum zhi mushroom syrup.

Jack Soul

Daniels & Jack Daniels Fire, fresh squeeze lemon juice, house ginger syrup, bitters topped with soda.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was fun trying three cocktail bars in Chinatown and discovering new drinks. Definitely worth it being able to try all 3 places – Sai Woo, The Keefer Bar and Black Lounge all in one night.

Check out Vancouver Gourmet Tours for future cocktail crawls in other neighbourhoods in Vancouver.



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