Chimp Chips: Banana Chips from Thailand Review

Diana Chan February 27, 2019 product

Chimp Chips are a snack alternative to potato chips and they are imported from Thailand. They come in 4 flavours: Original, BBQ, Paprika, and Tom Yum and can be found at some specialty stores.

They start the Chimp Chips with ripened bananas planted by local farmers in Thailand. The bananas are then dehydrated at a low temperature for baking in an oven to retain nutritional value, crispiness and the banana flavour.

We were sent a few bags of chips to give a taste test.


The original is in the yellow packaging and it tastes like a solid banana chip. You can eat it all as a snack or how I like to have it sometimes is in a smoothie bowl or some other breakfast item to add in extra texture.


Unlike the original, it has a dusting of BBQ seasoning and it’s pretty good. The subtle smokiness of the spices and it does mask up the banana flavour of the banana chip. Of the ones that are seasoned, we loved the BBQ.


Paprika was ok, but wasn’t as fragrant as the BBQ. The texture of the banana chip is crisp and the sweetness does balance the paprika spice.

Tom Yum

The tom yum flavour might not be for everyone. It has a strong lime aroma with a hint of sourness to it just like tom yum soup.

Where do I find Chimp Chips?

They are currently sold in Metro Vancouver at the following locations – Summit Lodge, 88 Supermarket in Killarney, Chong Lee Market, Donalds Market in New Westminster and Port Coquitlam, and Efresh Market on WeChat.

Final Thoughts

Of the 4 flavours, we really liked the original and BBQ as it fit better with our taste preferences.


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    Looking for the nutritional information for the chimp chips

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