Chihuo Vancouver: Dessert Tasting Market Recap

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I recently learned that “Chihuo” means “foodie” in Chinese. I also learned that it’s a Wechat media company based in LA and is also here in Vancouver. Chihuo connects foodies with food reviews of various eateries around the city. They had their inaugural food tasting market at the Sheraton Hotel in Richmond, and it was a dessert lovers paradise. There were multiple vendors who shared their signature dishes and included Choco Coo Desserts, Snow Bear Bakery, Baker & Table, Teature Lounge, Butter.mere Patisserie, 45 Degree Bubble Tea House, Lotus Cake Boutique, Moment Dessert House and Cha Le Tea Merchant.

Beautiful display by B’llisa Private Planning

The event was slightly delayed and became crowded quite quickly. However, I was pleasantly distracted with all the beautiful and delicious-looking displays that had samples for the attendees.

Some of my favourite desserts were from Teature, Baker & Table and Lotus Cake Boutique.


When I saw that Teature had panna cotta, I was all over their table! I really enjoyed their panna cotta; it was very smooth and creamy, and I liked how it was topped with tapioca pearls. The pearls added a chewy contrast to the silkiness of the panna cotta. What also caught my eye were there beautiful, multi-coloured mini macarons. They were simply too cute! The flavours were Earl Grey and Oolong, and they were delicious. I also tried a dessert that had Jasmine Tea infused in it. Unfortunately, I forgot the name, but I remember that it was slightly crumbly and creamy at the same time, and it had a good amount of Jasmine Tea flavour.

​Teature’s Panna Cotta

​Teature’s Oolong and Earl Grey Tea Macarons

​Teature’s Jasmine Tea-Infused Dessert

Baker & Table

My favourite from Baker & Table were their Mochi Matcha Red Bean Melon Pan. This matcha-flavoured bread had mochi and red bean in the middle, which gave it that sticky, chewy texture I love so much about mochi.

Baker & Table – Mochi Matcha Red Bean Melon Pan

Choco Coo

Choco Coo had a very smooth and creamy Match Mousse. I find that some matcha desserts are on the brink of being a little bitter (especially when it is dusted with matcha powder), but this dessert was balanced. It was not overly sweet, and the matche powder was not overpowering. It was topped with crispy chocolate pearls, which complemented the matcha. Not going to lie, I thought about eating another one!

Matcha Mousse

Despite the slight delay, and how crowded it became within an hour, the Chihuo Tasting Market was enjoyable. I was able to try most of the vendors’ offerings, but for one that I missed out on (like Moment Dessert House), I have a photo of their dessert and a promise to make it out to their bakery to give their pastries a proper try.

Desserts by Moment Dessert House


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