Chewy Junior: New Cream Puff Store in Vancouver

Diana Chan September 19, 2014 Bakery, Dessert, Downtown, Two Beakers


Chewy Junior opened their first location in Downtown Vancouver inside the Harbour Centre Building. This is their expansion into the North American market. Chewy Junior is a chain of cream puff stores from Singapore. Founder, Kevin Ong experimented with recipes for 2 years before he opened the first store, soon it became a hit and now they are all over the world.

I actually passed by a few time, but from far away, I thought Chewy Junior was a kids clothing store…clearly I was wrong. A few weeks later, M tells me about this new cream puff place that sells out everyday. His coworkers actually tried coming here 3 times for cream puffs, but they seem to have some production issues. When they sell out, they close early…so you may want to call ahead of time.


In the store, there is one section of chocolate filled cream puffs with different toppings:

  • Chocolate Oreo Crunch
  • Chocolate Zebra
  • Chocolate Almond Crunch
  • Double Chocolate crunch


Their other display case has the ones that are vanilla cream filled:

  • Blueberry Cheese
  • Apple Cheese
  • Strawberry Cheese
  • Almond Sweetheart
  • Neoploitan


Each cream puff ranges from $2.75-$3.25 a piece. If you get a dozen like how we did, it can get quite pricey. We ended up spending a little under $40 for these 12.


Apple Cheese Cream Puff has the vanilla cream filling inside of the cream puff, with a cheesy ring on top surrounding the apple topping. At first bite I really didn’t like the combination of the vanilla cream and the cheese. It just made it taste like it was spoiled.


Blueberry Cheese Creampuff had the same filling. M and I both hated this one too. It wasn’t good and the cream puff was soft and not crisp.


Double Chocolate Crunch cream puff is filled with chocolate cream, then dipped in chocolate, and topped with crunchy chocolate balls. The chocolate versions are slightly better than the vanilla ones.


Chocolate Zebra quite similar to the double chocolate crunch cream puff. Meh. The cream tasted like chocolate pudding.


Overall, I did not like any of their cream puffs. I would much prefer going to Beta 5 or Bearded Papa. As they are new, they are probably still working out a few kinks.

We Rate Chewy Junior:

508 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC


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