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Diana Chan March 14, 2015 Chinese, Four Beakers, Richmond


Chef Tony opened in Richmond in early 2014 as an upscale Cantonese Eatery. The restaurant is quite beautiful with elaborate decorations. They have a banquet hall with 16 large tables plus 4 private VIP dining rooms. A good venue if you have a large group to host. This restaurant is pricier than the average.

It was recently voted one of the top 10 new Vancouver restaurants in 2014 by the Globe and Mail.


You’ll notice instantly that this place is much fancier. Its in the details and the service.


I opted for beer. Seriously, the best drink for Chinese food is beer to keep your palate refreshed.


They presented us with a few appetizer before the meal began. This tasted like an egg roll, but in a square-shaped form. Flakey and delicious. I really enjoyed it and reminded me of childhood.


Gluten cubes remind me of tofu but it’s not. Very spongey and it does suck up a lot of flavour from the sauce.


Marinated Cloud Ear Fungus has a slimy texture with a bit of a crunch.


Salted Peanuts has always been a weird item that comes with Chinese dinners. I could never figure out why they serve this before the meal.


Assorted Cold Cuts Platter with Black Truffle Chicken was delicious. It’s a visually stunning dish, plus there’s lots to try. I love picking at every item since it’s like a sampler.


Deep Fried Tender Squabs is so good. Theres no words to explain how good it is. Its one of my favourite dishes.


Braised Oysters and Pig Tongue in Oyster Sauce with black moss is a strange-looking dish but tasted quite good if you can tolerate the texture and ingredients. I grew up with the type of food, so I’m not stranger to it.


Dried Scallop and Crab Meat with Pea Leaves is shaped like a ying yang. The pea leaves have a slightly sweet taste that pairs well with the salty mixture on top. I love pea leaves!



Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Matsuke Mushroom and Conch comes in a huge pot. It is served in individual bowls by the servers. Very clear broth with nice depth of flavour.


Pan-Fried Lobsters with House Stock the pieces are carefully cut up so you don’t have to get messy eating all the pieces. Just grab a fork to extract the meat. In Chinese culture, a lobster symbolizes a strong marriage and family bond.


Deep Fried Crispy Free Range Chicken was cook slightly under so the bones are still red. It’s intentional as the meat is still juicy and flavourful.


Pan-Fried Beef Shoulder Tender with Mastuke and Ling Oyster mushroom


Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce Rock Cod is another common item to see at the table during New Years. The whole fish with the head is a symbol of long life and good fortune. Their fish was really good here. I am usually indifferent bout fish but mmmm it was awesome.


Fried Rice with Assorted Meat and Seafood in Brown Sauce was yummy. We had so many dishes during this dinner and I was about to pop.


Egg Noodle with Enoki Mushroom with Abalone Sauce its an essential dish to have during the New Years as noodles mean longevity to ensure a long life. Whatever you do, don’t cut the noodles.


Steamed Brown Sugar Sponge Cake is served hot and really yummy.


Steamed Brown Sugar Honey Cake is yummy! They have a similar dessert at Jade restaurant too. SO addictive and not too sweet. Asian desserts are usual not as sweet as Western desserts.


This was definitely a delicious dinner at Chef Tony. All the dishes were prepared well and stands out as a Chinese restaurant. The dishes are pricey, so it’s definitely not an everyday restaurant. Good for special occasions.

We Rate Chef Tony

101-4600 No.3 Road
Richmond, BC


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