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Diana Chan February 22, 2011 Dessert, Fairview, Late Night, Three Beakers

PinappleBun sent me on a trek to grab some take out from CheeseCake Etc. The last time I went here, it was about a year or so ago. A lot has changed since then, their shop use to just be one restaurant but now it has expanded and has an additional dining area. CheeseCake Etc sells NY style cheese cake, which basically there is no graham cracker base.

Looking at their menu, they do not have a large selection of cheesecake. Mostly drinks and a few combinations of desserts and bread.

I came here just for a whole cheesecake to take out. There are not a lot of options…just the original cheesecake ($26), chocolate cheesecake ($31) and a tub of strawberry sauce ($7).  I asked the cashier how many slices a whole cheese cake has, and he answered saying about 8. I did  bit of calculations and realized it’s not a bad deal at all! You save about $11.

We got the original cheesecake and the tub of strawberry sauce ($33). You have to keep this frozen on order to get a nice looking slice from the cake. If it is half thawed, it will give you can ugly looking slice.

The cheesecake us good with strawberries, it gives you more of a sweet taste and other textures.

If you don’t have a large appetite, you will probably cut smaller pieces and get more than 8 slices.It’s been a few days and we still have this still in our fridge! Cheesecake for breakfast…lunch or dinner. haha.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Pay parking on adjacent roads
  • Lots of seating
  • Good simple cheesecake
  • Limited choices on menu

We rate CheeseCake Etc. :


2141 Granville St
Vancouver, BC


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  • My favourite place to go for cheesecake in Vancouver! Buying the whole cake is such a good deal >< I am tempted! Too bad I am on a diet right now!

  • DesignGirl

    Haha! The good thing about it is that you can freeze it so you can keep it for a long time. Or…you can make your friends eat it and get them fat instead!