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Diana Chan November 22, 2010 Downtown, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

I have always seen Chau Kitchen & Bar while passing by Robson. I thought it was probably an expensive Chinese restaurant from the look of the exterior. In reality, it is an inexpensive Pho place! After hearing an earful from TaiwaneseGirl ranting about the cheap food at Chau…she had to take me for a really late lunch. Like many University students, we like to forget to eat until dinner time.

The water came and I was delighted to see my fellow friend cucumber in the cup! Cucumber water tastes really good.

Their menu is simple, but since I didn’t really know what was on the menu.. nor have a favorite vietnamese dish…I had to ask the waitress.

TaiwaneseGirl knew right away what she wanted, she go the Fraser Valley Pho Bo ($ 10). it has rare beef slices, meat balls, and brisket. The soup stock is clear and the ingredients look fresh! Even thought, $10 for a bowl of pho is a few dollars more than the usual places, but you are paying for quality over quantity. The bean sprouts and basil even look really nice.

I got the 17 spice beef short ribs and beef la lot rolls ($10.50) with vermicelli, bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, daikon, and peanuts.  This is was really good and simple tasting! The beef rolls were wrapped in seaweed and hidden inside in a piece of daikon. The textures of that roll worked together so the beed did not over power the roll.

There’s not too many higher end pho places in Vancouver, but its starting to be a trend. Other pho places, you don’t really now how dirty or how long your food has been sitting around….or if they reuse the garnishes for other dishes. WIth Chau Kitchen, you can expect the freshest ingredients

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