Chatime Burnaby: Long Lines, Incorrect Drinks

Diana Chan December 6, 2015 Bubble Tea, Chinese, One Beaker, South Burnaby


Chatime Burnaby finally opens up in the suburbs right on Kingsway and Royal Oak just steps away from Boiling Point. I’m a big fan of Chatime when they first opened a few locations around Metro Vancouver since their Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly is freaking amazing.

KoreanGirl and I came here after dinner to get our Chatime fix and the line was half way out the door. We didn’t mind since there was nothing else to do for the day.


The interior is spacious with a good amount of seats, but most people were getting their drink to go. We waited in line for 20 minutes and it was quite strange how slow it moved. Soon, the line built up so it was almost out the door. Some customers walked in and immediately walked out cause it looked like chaos.

Getting closer to the counter, you could see the bottleneck was near the cashier area with their under trained staff. The cashier was confused by most orders and there always seemed like there were 3 people around the ordering counter trying to figure out the next drink to make. Clearly large communication issues really held up the line.

Once we put in our order, it was another 10 minutes for our drinks. They almost gave us someone else’s order but we made sure it was ours before we grabbed it.


My half sweet roasted milk tea with less ice was the most disgusting bubble tea I’ve had in a long time. The staff really rushed through the orders and didn’t take much care in making them.

My drink tasted overly sweet with lots of ice. I’ve had this drink over 10 times at various Chatime locations in Richmond and Vancouver and this was the first time it tasted terrible.


I had high hopes for this location, but there seems to be more kinks they need to work out with training staff to be more efficient and improve accuracy of orders. I came a week after opening, so I thought any little kinks would be sorted. Clearly not. I would avoid this location for the next little while. I left pretty angry and it ruined my entire night. I’m usually pretty chill about everything but when the service and product both suck…theres nothing you can be happy about.

We Rate Chatime Burnaby

5216 Kingsway, Burnaby


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