Chan Kan Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant: Michelin 2012 “Bib Gourmand”

Diana Chan July 31, 2012 Chinese, Four Beakers, Michelin Rated, Sheung Wan

Chan Kan Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant has been serving Chiu Chow cuisine in 1948, thus making them the oldest restaurant in Hong Kong serving that type of food. My grandfather took us here for lunch.

I was so excited because I haven’t been to a Michelin rated restaurant yet. They were selected this year as the “bob Gourmand” for restaurants with good food at moderate prices.

Baby Oyster with Minced Meat Congee is not like normal congee, but was one of my favorite dishes. It has a lot of oyster flavour and tasted very fresh, giving it a creamy texture when eaten. The aromatics – green onions and coriander freshen up the dish. Highly recommended!

Omelette with Baby Oyster was another one of my favorites! The freshness of the oyster really since through and make the egg and oysters go very well together. Highly recommended!

Marinated Cold Dishes of goose liver, goose intestines, and other guts. This isn’t a dish for everyone! Some may gag after figuring out what these items are. Some others may love it. I personally did enjoy it because it comes with a vinegar sauce on the side that makes it so much more delicious.

Marinated goose breast was very moist and savory. It was way better than chicken or duck meat!

Sauteed beef in rice noodle was really delicious! The beef was very tender and the sauce is like awesome gravy covering all the rice noodles. YUM!!

Overall, I was impressed by the overall quality of the dishes. I got to eat goose for the first time…and all it’s guts too. Even though most people in North America would gag at eating guts…it was really good.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Can get very busy during peak hours
  • 2 floors of seating
  • Sheung Wan MTR exit A1

We Rate Chan Kan Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant:

11 Queen’s Road West,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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