Cathay Pacific: Meals and Beverages from Hong Kong to Korea

Diana Chan August 6, 2012 Airplane Meals, Hong Kong, South Korea

I decided to take a side trip to South Korea. I’ve always wanted to go and this was my chance to do so. Lots of things to see and lots of things to eat! The only seat available was on a late night flight from Hong Kong to Korea with Cathay Pacific. The flight wasn’t very long and we were even offered dinner.

I don’t think anyone on the flight wanted to eat since everyone was already taking a nap when they woke us all up. I love food, so I did manage to wake up and have a few bites.

We had bread, watermelon, choice of drink, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream and choice of entree.

I chose the penne pasta with cream sauce. I always choose to order a pasta dish as those are generally more delicious and better executed than rice dishes. Even though there was no meat in this dish, it was actually a pretty decent meal!

Cookies and Cream Haagen0-Dazs Ice cream too! Yum! It was definitely a treat at the end of the meal! After consuming all of this food, I went back to sleep. hahaha

Overall, the food on Cathay Pacific wasn’t bad. Since it was only a 3 hour flight, I didn’t expect there to be food, but there was!

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