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Catfe is a Vancouver Cat Cafe, which just opened this week. It’s on the 2nd floor of Tinseltown just above Starbucks. The best way to get here is to take the skytrain to Stadium Station and walk a little bit.


As a cat lover, I was very excited because it really took the owners a long time to sort out the City bylaws in order to get the cafe open. Kudos for them on making it happen.

You can make reservations at Catfe on their website, but all December 2015 and some January 2016 spots are already gone. Don’t fret, they do have spots for people standing by because some people never make it to their reservations. I came on the first day at 5pm and they had 4 spots open for people who are standing by. Once you make your reservation, you can stay for increments of 1 hour. Most people I observed didn’t stay the full hour.

They only let 16 people in the cat lounge at one time, so it’s nice that its not too crowded.

Cat cafes are very popular in Asia because not everyone can have the space to own a pet. If you’re curious about other Cat Cafes around the world, check out the ones I went to in Asia:


There are 2 steps to enter.

  1. Pay admission in the cafe and get your food to go.
    $8 admission or $5 with food purchase.
  2. Show your receipt at count counter to check in.
    Review cat rules and wash hands.


The cafe and cat lounge are separated by a large glass wall. You must go to the cafe side first.


The cafe area is open to everyone.


They don’t have much to eat here besides a few snacks like cat cookies, pretzels and pastries. They also have coffee and tea. Lets be real, most people are here for the cats.


Once you pay your admission, you go to the cat lounge to check in, sign a waiver, go over rules and wash your hands.


There is a small sink to wash your hands before you enter.


Once you’re in, you can go straight to playing with the cats or just enjoying the lounge.


Any cat that moves, there are always cameras around. They only had 5 cats when I was here, so it was hard to find them since most of them were quite sleepy.


Some just don’t want to be bothered.


I tried bugging the cats and gave up, so I just sat and enjoyed my tea.


I also got 2 small cookies in the shape of cats. Nothing special about the cookies. They just look cute.



This cat played so hard that it fell asleep on the rug. So many toys to play with.


Some cats are hiding on the shelves sleeping to avoid the humans.





All the cats are available to be adopted through BC SPCA. It’s a great way to get cats socialized rather being cooped up in cages waiting to be adopted.

I adopted my cats from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue, which is another amazing alternative.


Since 4 of the cats were black and white, I really had no idea which cat was which. Either way, they looked cute.


They also sell a bunch of cat merchandise, which is a great place to stop for getting presents for those cat lovers.


I really like their logo. They have shirts and thermoses with their logo.


Overall, it’s great that they are open to provide this unique experience for their visitors. Great for those who want to destress by playing and petting cats.

With zero reservations left for the year, it’s pretty darn popular. Try to get on the standby list if you don’t want to wait till 2016 to come for a visit.

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2035 – 88 West Pender Street, Vancouver



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