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Faubourg: Delectable Pastries in Downtown Vancouver

Faubourg opened their new location last year in August 2013. It is located right beside the Vancouver Art Gallery and has indoor and patio seating. They also have a location in Kerrisdale and Park Royal in West Vancouver. KoreanGirl and [...]

March 23, 2014 Bakery, Cafe, Downtown, French, Three Beakers

Blenz: Hot Chocolate on a Rainy Day

What do I do on rainy days? I have hot chocolate! I was really bored after work, so I had myself a hot chocolate treat. Besides the coffee, they are known for their hot chocolate too. Belgian Hot Chocolate is [...]

March 20, 2014 Cafe, Gastown, Three Beakers

Pie on Pi Day in Vancouver

It’s been a while since my last dose of pie. Since it was Pi Day (March 14), I just had to indulge in some pie. A few blocks away from my work is The Pie Shoppe. They are a cute [...]

March 19, 2014 Canadian, Chinatown, Dessert, Four Beakers

$2.85 Hamburger Cart: Amazing Deal in Downtown Vancouver

The mysterious $2.85 Hamburger cart has been making news in Vancouver. This is probably the best deal out of any food cart out there. It’s even cheaper than McDonalds. If you’re looking for a cheap, delicious and quick lunch, this [...]

March 18, 2014 Downtown, Food Carts, Japanese, lunch, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Joe Fortes: Weekend Brunch

Joe Fortes was the place where TaiwaneseGirl highly recommended we come here for eggs benny. There are open 11am till 11pm daily. We are continuing our hunt for delicious eggs benny in town. We came here a bit past 11am [...]

March 17, 2014 Brunch, Canadian, Downtown, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers

Deer Garden Signatures 鹿園魚湯米線: DIY Noodle Combos

KoreanGirl had major cravings for laksa so we all went to Deer Garden Signatures on Fraser street. It was a far drive for us, but it was worth it to give this place a try. Too bad there isn’t one [...]

March 16, 2014 Cafe, Chinese, Noodles, Sunset/Punjabi Market, Three Beakers

Ask for Luigi: Yummy Pasta in Gastown

Ask for Luigi is a casual Italian-inspired restaurant serving up fresh handmade pasta. It is located in Railtown where the old 2 Chefs a Table until they closed the location. There is some free parking in the area. The way you [...]

March 15, 2014 Four Beakers, Gastown, Italian, Noodles, Vegetarian

McDonalds Canada: Steak Steak Steak

Currently, McDonalds Canada is having their Steak on Demand promotion from February 18 – March 31, 2014. The Steak n’ Egg Bagel and their Steak n’ Caesar Signature Wraps are two items they are featuring throughout the campaign. I came [...]

March 13, 2014 British Columbia, Canadian, Fast Food

Market by Jean Georges: Breakfast with Eggs Benny

The Market by Jean Georges is open for breakfast daily from 6:30am to 11:00am. The girls and I decided to give it a try as we are eager to eat all the egg bennys in town. We made reservations for [...]

March 12, 2014 Brunch, Canadian, Downtown, Kid Friendly, Two Beakers, WestCoast

Basho Cafe: Matcha Lattes and Treats

Basho Cafe recently opened on Hastings Street close to Victoria Drive. It is a family run Japanese Cafe and they have yummy drinks, lunch sets and sweet treats. FoodQueen and I decided to have an afternoon snack at Basho. A [...]

March 10, 2014 Bakery, Cafe, East Village, Four Beakers, Japanese, Kid Friendly, lunch

Cafe Mai-Mai: Pho and Waffles

Cafe Mai-Mai is located in Marpole and is a family run Vietnamese cafe. They serve up Pho, Bahn Mi sandwiches, rice dishes, coffee and waffles. Their food also doesn’t contain any MSG. M, Scarface, Mandy and I headed here after [...]

March 9, 2014 Cafe, Marpole, Noodles, Sandwich, Three Beakers, Vietnamese

Bu Chun Sung Chinese Restaurant 부천성: Lunch in Pohang, Korea

Bu Chun Sung Chinese Restaurant 부천성 is located in Pohang. We came here for lunch and what I always find interesting is that no matter where you find Chinese food in Korea, it’s never authentic. They always have their own version of [...]

March 8, 2014 Chinese, Korean, lunch, Noodles, Pohang, Three Beakers

Gong Cha: Refreshing Beverage in Korea

In all the Lotte Department stores is Gong Cha or at least I keep seeing it in the Busan locations. I remember having Gong Cha in Hong Kong a few Summers ago and it has always stuck in my mind. [...]

March 7, 2014 Bubble Tea, Busan, Cafe, Three Beakers

Starbucks Canada: Maple Macchiato

Another new drink from Starbucks and it’s the Maple Macchiato. It looked very tempting and I just had to try it. How good is maple in a coffee? It reminded me of something super super Canadian. Asking the staff about [...]

March 6, 2014 British Columbia, Cafe

CGV: Finding Movies in Pohang, South Korea

Finding a movie theatre that showed ‘Frozen’ in English was quite tough in Korea. Some places had it dubbed over, but since I don’t understand Korean, we had to find a place that had the movie in English with some [...]

March 5, 2014 Cafe, Pohang, travel

Kamamarui Ramen: Korean-Style Ramen

My sister and another friend highly recommended Kamamarui in South Burnaby for some delicious eats. They opened up near the end of last year and is know for their ramen and their “bomb”. The pictures looked great online, so I [...]

March 4, 2014 Japanese, Korean, Noodles, Ramen, South Burnaby, Two Beakers

Chez Faye Cafe: Soup, Sandwiches and Korean Food

Chez Faye Cafe is located right beside the Yaletown Skytrain. KoreanGirl and I were hunting for some lunch and thought Chez Faye Cafe would be a great place for a soup and sandwich. She’s been here a few times, but [...]

March 3, 2014 Cafe, Canadian, lunch, Sandwich, Three Beakers, Yaletown

McCafe: Toasted Marshmallow Mocha

I was at McDonalds going for the free Small Coffee from February 24 til March 2nd, but something caught my eye… the toasted marshmallow mocha. I’m always a sucker for trying new things. They also have toasted marshmallow deluxe hot [...]

March 2, 2014 British Columbia, Cafe, Fast Food