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Finch's Market

Finch’s Market: This Place Be Hipster

If you have ever heard of Finch’s in Downtown Vancouver, you will love their sister restaurant – Finch’s Market. They have been open since December 2012 serving up their delicious sandwiches and salads. It’s located on East Georgia and Jackson [...]

April 17, 2013 Chinatown, Four Beakers, Sandwich, Strathcona
Arby's Loaded Curly Fries

Arby’s: Loaded Curly Fries

Whenever we’re at the food court, we kinda like to see what new products are being created by fast food chains. It’s kind of a weird obsession of mine. Also, Arby‘s is one of my favorite fast food chains. Seriously, [...]

April 15, 2013 Fast Food, South Burnaby

Mosaic Bar & Grille: Local, Sustainable, Creative, and Delicious.

I was invited to Mosaic Bar and Grille by Chef Thomas Heinrich to explore their amazing cuisine. They specialize in locally sourced produce, sustainable seafood and choice ingredients with careful and creative preparation. When you look at their dishes, you’ll know [...]

April 14, 2013 Canadian, Downtown, Four Beakers, Seafood, WestCoast
Friend's BBQ Restaurant

Friend’s BBQ Restaurant: Just Stay Away

Friend’s BBQ Restaurant is a new restaurant in the former location of Mui Garden on North Road. We came here thinking it would be a BBQ place where we could grill our own meats. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. They [...]

April 12, 2013 BBQ, Chinese, Coquitlam, One Beaker
Guu Garlic

Guu Garlic: Lunch Time

Guu Garlic is open for lunch from Tuesday to Sunday 11:30am till 2:30pm. It’s a nice place to go for lunch if you want to spend about $10 and have a good Japanese meal. I was never able to make [...]

April 7, 2013 Downtown, Izakaya, Japanese, Three Beakers

Falconetti’s East Side Grill: Dining Package Review

Falconetti’s is located on Commercial Drive near 1st Avenue. They are famous due to their sausage. Even Guy Fieri came here to film Diners Drive-ins and Dives. They make all their sausages in-house on the right side of the restaurant [...]

April 5, 2013 Bar and Grill, Canadian, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Pub/Bar, Three Beakers
Nuba on Main

Nuba on Main: Munching on Lunch

Whats awesome about my new job is that I’m so close to some pretty yummy food. When I discovered Nuba is close by on 3rd and Main…I just had to have a taste of their food. I come here at [...]

April 4, 2013 Four Beakers, Lebanese, lunch, Mount Pleasant/Main Street
Ali Shan restaurant

Ali Shan Restaurant: Meal Under $10

Ali Shan Restaurant is a Taiwanese Restaurant located in Crystal Mall. I was in the area with my coworker and we wanted some lunch before heading back to the office, so we went to Ali Shan for a quick bite. [...]

March 31, 2013 Cafe, South Burnaby, Taiwanese, Two Beakers
Wendys Son of Baconator

Wendys: Son of Baconator and Poutine

When it comes to fast food, I love the stuff. We all know Wendy’s famous Baconator – a tower of bacon strips, cheese and 2 quarter pounder patties. Sometimes that burger is way too big and has so much meat. [...]

March 29, 2013 Fast Food

Scandilicious: Delicious

After finishing dinner on The Drive at Havana’s one dark and rainy Tuesday night, my friends and I were craving something sweet. We wracked our brains for a while thinking of a dessert place in the area and could only [...]

March 21, 2013 Cafe, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Dessert, Four Beakers
Lazy Den Bubble Tea

Lazy Den Bubble Tea: $5 Bubble Tea Combo

If you are from the Port Moody area, you must know Lazy Den Bubble Tea. I vaguely remember coming here in 2008 during my early University days cause it was open pretty late. Where else can you get bubble tea [...]

March 20, 2013 Bubble Tea, Chinese, Port Moody, Three Beakers

Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe: Buttery Goodness

Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe opened at the end of 2012 and their customers have raved about their amazing croissants. After seeing my sister bring home boxes full of their croissants, I decided to come here with my girls – KoreanGirl [...]

March 18, 2013 Bakery, Cafe, Fairview, Four Beakers
Kita No Donburi

Kita No Donburi: Lunch Downtown

Kita no Donburi is located near Seymour and Hastings street. Kimbob E Ramyun used to be in this location before Kita no Donburi took over. It’s very close to Waterfront Skytrain. We were having a meeting nearby and needed a [...]

March 11, 2013 Downtown, Japanese, lunch, Three Beakers
Akari Japanese Restaurant

Akari Japanese Restaurant: Sushi In Delta

Akari Japanese Restaurant is located in Delta at Strawberry Hill. I would have never thought to have Japanese food in this area. Plus, I never frequent this area anyways. The restaurant has been around for 15 years and is operated [...]

March 10, 2013 Delta, Izakaya, Japanese, Seafood, Three Beakers
Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar

Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar: It’s Brunch Time

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar is located in Kitsilano. The specialize in oysters and seafood inspired by New Orleans. I came here with FoodQueen and Gastrofork. Parking is always scarce in this area since you either have to have a [...]

March 4, 2013 Brunch, Kitsilano, Seafood, Three Beakers, WestCoast
Yolk's Breakfast Food Cart

Yolks Breakfast Food Cart: OMG SO GOOD

Yolks Breakfast Food Cart is located outside of Stadium Skytrain Station on Thursday and Fridays at 8:30am. Even though it was pouring rain, I really really wanted to try this! M and I went before work to grab a quick [...]

February 27, 2013 Brunch, Downtown, Food Carts, Four Beakers, Gastown, Streetcart
Apple Deli

Apple Deli: It’s Like Your Kitchen

Apple Deli is right under Main Skytrain station. They sell simple soups, sandwiches and salads. On my first day of work, people warned me not to come here. Did I listen to them? I don’t think so, it made me [...]

February 25, 2013 Deli, Sandwich, Strathcona, Two Beakers
Foodwares market

Foodwares Market: Inside Granville Skytrain

At the Granville entrance to the Granville Skytrain is a restaurant called Food Wares Market, where they sell fresh paninis, baked goods, desserts, sushi, soup, coffee, premade salads and sandwiches. If you work downtown, its a quick lunch thats around [...]

February 23, 2013 Canadian, Downtown, Sandwich, Three Beakers