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KFC Canada: Behind the Scenes

When I saw that KFC Canada was opening its doors and let customers behind the counter with the world’s first KFC Cooking School, I signed up right away and paid my “tuition fee” of $5. The downside was that it [...]

March 14, 2017 British Columbia, Fast Food

Taco Bell Canada: Naked Chicken Chalupa

Taco Bell Canada just introduced the Naked Chicken Chalupa. It was available in the United States, but are slowly removing it from their stores. Luckily, Canadians can still enjoy it for a limited time. The closest Taco Bell to Vancouver [...]

March 11, 2017 Coquitlam, Fast Food

A&W Canada: All Day Breakfast

A&W Canada has just launched their All Day Breakfast across Canada. Most of their locations have started to transition towards All Day Breakfast, but not all of them have. They are expecting by mod-May that a majority of location will have [...]

March 9, 2017 British Columbia, Brunch, Fast Food

A&W: Chicken Buddy Burger Review

A&W released their Chicken Buddy Burger Chicken. It contains their Buddy-sized portion of their chicken patty, hamburger bun, Chubby mayo, and pickles. It’s one of the cheaper burgers on the menu for $2.50. It’s a bite-sized burger, but it works [...]

February 25, 2017 British Columbia, Fast Food

Tim Hortons: Churro Donuts and Tim Bits Review

Tim Hortons in Canada has just released the Churro donut and Churro Tim Bits for a limited time only. Churro Donut The churro donut is filled with caramel and then the outside is coated in sugar and cinnamon. The shape [...]

February 4, 2017 Fast Food, Mount Pleasant/Main Street

Bourbon St Grill: Metrotown Food Court

Bourbon St Grill just open at Metropolis at Metrotown and it’s slowly become M’s favourite food court place to eat at. Their menu is pretty interesting as it’s Americanized food but with a cajun twist. It’s like Manchu Wok but [...]

December 7, 2016 American, Fast Food, South Burnaby, Three Beakers

McDonald’s: Waffle Fries and Potato Roti & Bacon Burger

McDonalds Canada just introduced a few holiday items for a limited time only. I work across the street from McDonalds and their new Waffle Cut Fries lured me in. They also have: Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger Waffle Cut Fries [...]

November 21, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food

A&W Canada: Rise and Shine with Breakfast

A&W Canada is one of my favourite fast food restaurants and with the clocks turning backwards 1 hour for the fall, it’s easier for me to make it in time for breakfast before 11am. They also recently added pork raised [...]

November 9, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food

Burger King: Chicken Fries Review

Burger King has had Chicken Fries for sometime now, but it’s the first time I’ve had them. Before my flight to San Francisco, I grabbed some before I headed on my flight. It was a pretty bad choice since it [...]

November 6, 2016 Fast Food, Richmond

In-N-Out Burger in San Francisco: Hidden Menu

In-N-Out is a popular place to go to in San Francisco near Fisherman’s Wharf. We try to go to In-N-Out when we are in the states just to get their animal fries and a few burgers. Since this location was so [...]

November 3, 2016 Fast Food, San Francisco, Three Beakers

Burger King: Whopperrito

Whopperrito is Burger King’s new menu item turning a Whopper into a burrito. Whenever I go to the United States, I get super excited to try exclusive menu items like this. We don’t have this in Canada. The Whopperrito is made [...]

October 17, 2016 Fast Food, San Francisco

Costco Canada: Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Costco locations in Canada have chicken wings. A few months ago, they secretly added these to some of their locations. When I heard a few friends got their hands on these, I had to grab a bunch for dinner. I [...]

October 14, 2016 Fast Food, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

McDonalds Canada: Spicy Sriracha Burgers

McDonalds Canada is really cranking out new burgers lately. I’ve been seeing new advertisements for their Spice It Up Sriracha inspired burgers. Spicy Chicken Country Chicken The Spicy Sriracha Country Chicken burger is made of Canadian chicken breast, lettuce, white [...]

September 3, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food

McTasters: Mexican Chipotle and Thai Sweet Chili

McDonald’s Canada has brought back their McTasters in Mexican Chipotle and Thai Chili.  They previously had McTasters earlier in the year in two varieties – Greek and Italian. I completely missed it when they offered that, but at least this time [...]

August 30, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food

A&W: Smoky BBQ Teen Burger

A&W had their Smoky BBQ Teen Burgers released last month. One day during lunch, a few of us decided to go to A&W across the street to grab lunch and head back to the office. The Smoky BBQ Teen Burger has peppered bacon, [...]

August 10, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food

McDonalds Canada: True North BLT McMuffin

The Great Canadian Taste Adventure is back at McDonalds this year and one of the new sandwiches is the True North BLT McMuffin to represent Canada as a whole. This is the line up for this year: Western BBQ Burger [...]

July 25, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food

McDonalds Canada: Summer Chicken Country Chicken Burger

The Great Canadian Taste Adventure is back this year and one of the new sandwiches is the Summer Country Chicken Burger to represent Ontario by McDonalds. They had this promotion last year they had the Cottage Country Chicken Burger, which is [...]

July 18, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food

Pizza Hut Canada: 5 Cheese Stuffed Crust with Bacon

Pizza Hut Canada had their promotion for 5 cheese stuffed crust pizza and if you got a medium or large, they would also stuff it with bacon. M saw this online and he just had to make me try it. [...]

July 1, 2016 Fast Food, Italian, North Burnaby, pizza, Uncategorized