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Backcountry Brewing in Squamish

Backcountry Brewing in Squamish is another craft brewery that just opened up in April of 2017. They join the great craft brewery scene in Squamish as the 3rd craft brewery here. Tasting Room The tasting room has a very good [...]

June 1, 2017 Brewery, Four Beakers, Squamish

A Frame Brewing Company in Squamish

A Frame Brewing Company is one of the newer breweries in Squamish. The space has a cozy, family friendly, casual tasting room & craft brewery. We drove up to Squamish just for a day to check out the craft brewery scene. Their [...]

May 31, 2017 Brewery, Squamish, Three Beakers

Callister Brewing Co: Co-Working Brewery

Callister Brewing Co has a unique concept and they operate as a co-working brewer. They support independent, talented brewers to grow their business by creating accessibility to equipment and commercial facilities. They currently have Boombox Brewing, Real Cask, and Lightheart Brewing [...]

May 20, 2017 Brewery, Commercial Drive / Grandview

Powell Street Craft Brewery in East Vancouver

Powell Street Craft Brewery is small independent microbrewery in East Vancouver close to a bunch of other breweries too. The brewery opened December 2012, but moved into their current tasting room in 2014. We came here to visit their tasting room and grab some [...]

May 18, 2017 Brewery, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Four Beakers

Andina Brewing: Ceviche and Beer in East Vancouver

Andina Brewing Company in East Vancouver. It was founded by Colombian/Canadian brothers, Andrés and Nicolás Amaya. The Amaya Brothers have lived in Vancouver for more than 18 years and are passionate about beer, music, culture, and family and friends.They offer an environment [...]

May 15, 2017 Brewery, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Three Beakers

Luppolo Brewing Company: Brewery in East Vancouver

My friends take me to the coolest breweries. We made a stop at Luppolo Brewing Company in East Vancouver. Luppolo means hops in Italian, thus the name. They were inspired by the values associated with Italian culture – quality, craftsmanship, community and family. [...]

December 19, 2016 Brewery, Commercial Drive / Grandview

Storm Brewing: Craft Beer in East Vancouver

Storm Brewing is a bit different that other breweries in Vancouver. They don’t have a lounge or a tasting room. When you walk through their sliding door, you are right in the middle of where the brewing magic takes place. [...]

December 18, 2016 Brewery, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Three Beakers

Doan’s Craft Brewery: Beer in East Vancouver

Doan’s Craft Brewing Co is a family run brewery in the heart of the East Van. From home-brewing to Craft Brewing, the Doan’s family is inspired by great beer, the art and science of craft brewing and the community created by [...]

December 16, 2016 Brewery, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Three Beakers

Howe Sound Brewing: Beer Tasting in Squamish

A trip to Squamish isn’t complete without a visit to Howe Sound Brewing. Since 1996, they have been brewing award-winning ales and lagers. I’ve had their beers before, so I was really curious about coming here. They also offer tours once [...]

September 6, 2016 Brewery, Squamish, Three Beakers

Faculty Brewing Co: Tasting Room in Mount Pleasant

Faculty Brewing Co is the newest brewery to pop up in the Mount Pleasant area. The craft beer scene is growing quickly in the area and I love seeing all the little hidden places where they pop up. They took [...]

August 24, 2016 Brewery, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Three Beakers

33 Acres Brewing Co: Tasting Room in Mount Pleasant

33 Acres Brewing Co is another brewery in the Mount Pleasant area. We went in the afternoon to their tasting room and it was packed. We wanted to grab some waffles, but we just missed their brunch menu. Since we [...]

August 22, 2016 Brewery, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Three Beakers

Fuggles & Warlocks Craftworks: Brewery in Richmond

Fuggles & Warlocks Craftworks is located in Richmond and their motto is “keeping beer weird”. You’ll find a lot of the beers push traditional styles of beer to the limit by adding a West Coast flair to their brews. One [...]

July 22, 2016 Brewery, Richmond, Three Beakers

Four Winds Brewing Co: Tasting Room in Delta

Four Winds Brewing Co opened in 2013 and can be found in Delta BC. They gather flavours from around the world to create their unique West Coast and European styles in their beer. You can find their craft beer at various [...]

July 21, 2016 Brewery, Delta, Three Beakers

Beer Selection in Epcot Japan Pavilion

Right in the centre of the Japan Pavilion in Epcot World Showcase, you can get some Japanese beer on tap, also the infamous Frozen Kirin Beer. I’ve had this before in Vancouver, but I really didn’t enjoy frozen beer. Anything [...]

June 15, 2016 Brewery, Epcot, Japanese

Moody Ales: Craft Beer in Port Moody

Moody Ales is another craft brewery in Port Moody. Just a few minutes away is Yellow Dog Brewing and Twin Sails Brewery. What is unique about Moody Ales is that they have picnic table seating out front along with some [...]

May 2, 2016 Brewery, Port Moody, Three Beakers

Twin Sails Brewing: Craft Brewery in Port Moody

Twin Sails Brewing is a craft brewery in Port Moody. A few of my foodie friends decided to come for a visit and explore the craft brewery scene in this area. It’s very family-friendly and across from Rocky Point, so [...]

May 1, 2016 Brewery, Port Moody, Three Beakers

Yellow Dog Brewing Co: Beer in Port Moody

Yellow Dog Brewing Co is a craft brewery located in Port Moody. This family-run brewery focuses on producing high quality locally crafted beer for everyone to enjoy. On a nice sunny day, you’ll see a lot of people handing out here [...]

April 30, 2016 Brewery, Four Beakers, Port Moody

Steel Toad Brewpub and Dining Hall: Old to New

Steel Toad Brewpub and Dining Hall opened a few weeks ago and they are already buzzing. Long lines on Fridays and the weekends. The dining hall is 2 floors and the top floor is mostly for larger groups. We saw [...]

November 1, 2014 Brewery, Kid Friendly, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Pub/Bar, Two Beakers