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St. Regis Bar and Grill in Downtown Vancouver

Taking over the kitchen and updating the menu at St. Regis Bar & Grill is Executive Chef Daniel Ackland, who had a challenge of finding a fine balance of refreshing existing favourites and creating new dishes which seamlessly blend into its [...]

January 10, 2017 Bar and Grill, Downtown, Three Beakers

Original Joe’s: Burgers and Drinks

Original Joe’s is a Restaurant and Bar located on Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver. We came here to try a few of the new menu items that have some out this fall. I’ve seen Original Joe’s around but haven’t made [...]

December 3, 2016 American, Bar and Grill, Downtown, Late Night, Three Beakers

Canyon Creek Chophouse: Lunch at Niagara Falls

The main reason for our trip to Toronto was to see the Niagara Falls with my in-laws. So funny how they thought it was close to Vancouver. After the 4.5 hour flight, they realized it’s quite a distance away. Plus, [...]

August 23, 2014 American, Bar and Grill, Kid Friendly, Niagara Falls, Steakhouse, Three Beakers

The Keg: Steakhouse in Vancouver

When I’m not cooking steak at home, we head out to The Keg Steakhouse and Bar. There are multiple locations throughout Canada. We went to the Burnaby location as always as it is the closest one to our home. They [...]

August 12, 2014 American, Bar and Grill, Kid Friendly, Late Night, North Burnaby, Steakhouse, Three Beakers
Storm Crow Tavern

Storm Crow Tavern: Board Games, Beer, and Burgers

M told me about Storm Crow Tavern and now it is the nerdiest bar in Vancouver. I totally had to tell my nerdy blogging buddies – Gastrofork, FoodQueen, and EatingWithKirby. We are secretly really big geeks inside. The tavern is [...]

November 16, 2013 Bar and Grill, Canadian, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Sandwich, Two Beakers
The Signature Room

John Hancock Center: Signature Lounge at the 95th

The best advice I got during my trip to Chicago was from my aunt who told me to grab a drink at the restaurant on top of the John Hancock Center and enjoy the summer fireworks. It’s great because you [...]

September 26, 2013 Bar and Grill, Dessert, Late Night, Near North Side, Three Beakers
Shameful Tiki Room

Shameful Tiki Room: Get Fired Up

During a group outing with my coworkers, we came to the Shameful Tiki Room . It’s on Main and 28th. What we found strange about this place is that you go through the door, then you have to go through [...]

August 23, 2013 American, Bar and Grill, Late Night, Riley Park/Little Mountain, Three Beakers

Falconetti’s East Side Grill: Dining Package Review

Falconetti’s is located on Commercial Drive near 1st Avenue. They are famous due to their sausage. Even Guy Fieri came here to film Diners Drive-ins and Dives. They make all their sausages in-house on the right side of the restaurant [...]

April 5, 2013 Bar and Grill, Canadian, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Pub/Bar, Three Beakers

House of Wings Restaurant & Lounge: 37 Cent Wings on Sundays

House of Wings Restaurant and Lounge is located in Highgate Mall in South Burnaby. They are quite popular on Sundays for $0.37 cent wings on Sundays. There are no lineups unlike Wings a few blocks away. People usually come here [...]

September 19, 2012 Bar and Grill, South Burnaby, Three Beakers

Relish Gastropub and Bar: Happy Hour Oysters of Disappointment

Relish Gastropub and Bar has buck-a-shuck oysters from 3 -6PM everyday, plus $3 beer specials. This really enticed KoreanGirl, Mandu and I to dine here. I’ve been here several years ago and it has changed a lot! It use to [...]

July 8, 2012 Bar and Grill, Downtown, One Beaker

Rogue Kitchen & Wet Bar: Salad Drenched in Dressing

Rogue Kitchen & Wet Bar is located inside the Waterfront Skytrain Station. They serve a lot of different types of craft beers and other drinks. It’s a beautiful place to dine with coworkers and have a few drinks. I came with [...]

May 14, 2012 Bar and Grill, Downtown, Three Beakers

Fat Dragon BBQ: Dining on Pig head

A new restaurant has popped up on the Downtown East Side called Fat Dragon BBQ. The location is quite remote and nothing very pretty is around this place.Even though it is a Chinese restaurant, its more of Chinese x Southern [...]

April 22, 2012 Bar and Grill, BBQ, Three Beakers

Hurricane Grill: Hurricane Fiesta Dining Package

Foodology Disclaimer: approached me to try out their “Hurricane Fiesta” dining package and write a review about it. I got a complementary dining package and brought 3  friends to keep the review as unbiased as I could. This review [...]

December 11, 2011 Bar and Grill, Three Beakers, Yaletown

Rogue Kitchen & Wet Bar: More Than Meets The Eye

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar is located in Waterfront station in Downtown. They are a great addition to the downtown core serving up pasta, burgers,pizza, salad, soup and a bunch of other items. It’s a great place to bring your clients [...]

August 21, 2011 Bar and Grill, Downtown, Three Beakers

The New Oxford Public House: Shots, Shots, Shots and Of Course Food

I went to ConsultingGirl’s going away party and she had it at The New Oxford Public House, it is owned and operated by the Donnelly Group. They are located in Yaletown and has very vintage looking decor. They even have a shuffle [...]

August 18, 2011 Bar and Grill, Pub/Bar, Three Beakers, Yaletown

Wings: What Else Is On The Menu Besides Wings?

I came to Wings with a bunch of SFU-ers to chill, hangout and of course eat! What was very ironic is that we did not order any wings. For a place called wings, you would think we would order wings. [...]

August 13, 2011 Bar and Grill, Coquitlam, Three Beakers

The Keg: Lobster Summer Menu

M and I spent an interesting day shopping and returning things at Costco in Burnaby. Seriously, sometimes you can spend forever in all the aisles. Since The Keg is super close to Costco, we were super tempted for some meat!! [...]

July 29, 2011 Bar and Grill, Four Beakers, North Burnaby

Milestones: Date Night

Milestones was having Date Night on April 27 where it is basically buy 1 get 1 free. Since I had no date, I would do what any normal asian would probably do…bring their army of women just to get the [...]

May 10, 2011 Bar and Grill, Robson Street/West End, Three Beakers