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Sashimi House

Big Room Sushi House 대방횟집: Sashimi Feast in Seoul

When we arrived in Seoul for the last few days of our trip in South Korea, M’s relatives took us to Big Room Sushi House (대방횟집 dae bang hwe jip). I clearly had no idea where I was going, so having [...]

November 22, 2013 Japanese, Korean, Seafood, Seoul, Three Beakers

Hotel Commodore in Busan

When we took a weekend trip to Busan, we stayed at the Hotel Commodore for one night. It is rated as a five star hotel with 312 rooms. The hotel has been around since 1979 and is 17 storeys high. [...]

November 20, 2013 Busan, Hotel Review

The Onigiri: Delicious Rice Balls in Pohang

The Onigiri is a chain restaurant in South Korea that specializes in Japanese rice balls. We came here to grab a bunch of onigiri to go. My last onigiri was a few years ago from T&T  and I’ve never really had [...]

November 19, 2013 Japanese, Korean, lunch, Pohang, Three Beakers
Bossam Delivery Pohang

Flower Pig: Bossam Delivery in Pohang

While in Pohang, we decided to order in some bossam. Bossam, is steamed pork wrapped in leaves and other ingredients. Imagine it like the Korean version of peking duck. We found Flower Pig in a directory and decided to try [...]

November 18, 2013 BBQ, Delivery, Korean, One Beaker, Pohang
Sweet India

Sweet India: Korean and Indian Fusion Food in Pohang

Along Bukbu Beach  in Pohang, South Korea, there are tons of things to see and eat. On a Sunday, we wanted to go grab some Indian food, but Namaskar was closed, so we headed to Sweet India. They don’t serve authentic Indian [...]

November 15, 2013 Indian, Korean, Pohang

Gajokjung: Ramen in Pohang

Apparently, there is a ramen restaurant in Pohang, South Korea. M’s family was just craving a bowl of ramen and raved about this place. Gajokjung means Family Restaurant. There’s parking in the front, but we just took a taxi here. The [...]

November 14, 2013 Japanese, Korean, Pohang, Ramen, Two Beakers
Angel In Us Coffee

Angel In Us Coffee: South Korean Cafe

Angel In Us Coffee is a strong domestic brand in South Korea. You can basically find it in any city. It took me a long time to figure out why this coffee shop is named Angel In Us. Apparently it’s [...]

November 12, 2013 Busan, Cafe, Dessert, Korean
Jagalchi Market

Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장): Korea’s Largest Seafood Market

One of the attractions in Busan is the Jagalchi Market, which is Korea’s largest seafood market. It attracts lots of locals and tourists everyday. If you’re coming here, its best to bring a friend who knows Korean if you’re buying [...]

November 11, 2013 Busan, Seafood, Specialty Shop
Seoul Kakdugi Restaurant

Seoul Kakdugi Restaurant (서울깍두기): Seolleongtang in Busan

Where in Busan can you find the best Seolleongtang aka Ox Bone Soup? Seoul Kakdugi Restaurant (서울깍두기) has been around since the 1950’s serving up the delicious dish. The locals say this place is the best for getting Seolleongtang. It can’t [...]

November 8, 2013 Busan, Korean, Three Beakers

Unyang Charcoal Eel BBQ in Busan, South Korea

Busan is known for their eel and most tourists come here to enjoy the fresh taste of grilled eel. M really wanted to go, so he asked his aunt to take us to the best eel restaurant in Busan. The [...]

November 6, 2013 BBQ, Busan, Korean

Eating Ssiat Hotteok (seed-stuffed pancake) in Busan

In Busan, they say you can’t leave without trying Ssiat Hotteok (seed-stuffed pancake). Apparently it’s their specialty and all the locals say you gotta try it. M’s aunt took us to The Street of Film near Jagalchi Market. It has a [...]

November 5, 2013 Busan, Dessert, Korean, Streetcart
Woojindogi Busan Odeng

Woojindogi: Busan Oden in Gukje Market

We took a weekend trip to Busan with M’s family to see some relatives. Busan is South Korea’s second largest city after Seoul and is located on the southeastern area of Korea. We were taken to Gukje Market in Downtown [...]

November 3, 2013 Busan, Korean
Pizza Hut Korea

Pizza Hut: Rich Gold Pizza and Crown Pizza in Korea

I thought I knew pizza …  but when I came to South Korea the pizza wasn’t the same. M and I made it a mission to have pizza at Pizza Hut. Their pizzas are quite different and you won’t be [...]

October 31, 2013 Fast Food, Korean, pizza, Pohang, South Korea
Gyeongju City Tour - Bulguksa Temple

Gyeongju City Tour: Day Tour in Historical Korea

We decided to take a day tour to Gyeongju Korea which is in the Southwest part of Korea. As we were staying in Pohang, it was only a 30 minute bus ride to get to the tour. There are buses [...]

October 28, 2013 Buffet, Gyeongju, Korean
BHC Chicken Korea

Delivery Chicken in South Korea: BHC and BBQ

Sometimes in Korea, you want food to come to you instead of you going out for food. Or perhaps cooking is too hard. For a lot of university students, ordering in is quite common and you can almost get every [...]

October 25, 2013 BBQ, Delivery, Late Night, South Korea
taesan chinese restaurant pohang

Taesan Chinese Restaurant: Fusion in Pohang, South Korea

Our first few days staying in Pohang were spent eating at home and enjoying homemade food from M’s mom. As we were out during the afternoon one day, we headed to Taesan Chinese Restaurant for some Chinese Korean fusion food. [...]

October 24, 2013 Chinese, Korean, lunch, Noodles, Pohang, Three Beakers

Lotteria: Wild Shrimp Burger in Korea

Once we landed in Seoul, Korea we needed to take 2 trains and a taxi to get to Pohang, Korea. It was a long commute and took about 3 hours. Once we got to Singyeongju Station near Gyeongju, M and [...]

October 23, 2013 Fast Food, Korean, South Korea

Awesome Restaurants in Seoul, South Korea

I spent 5 days in Seoul, South Korea but I did not have enough time to visit all the places that I came across. Below are a few places that I thought were really cool and wanted to share with [...]

September 5, 2012 Gangnam, Hongdae, South Korea