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Quick and Easy Frozen Yogurt Station at Home

If you’re at home hosting a few people over or even just having a fun evening with the kids, why not get creative in the kitchen and make your own frozen yogurt at home? Some high power blenders like the [...]

April 13, 2019 Dessert, product, Recipes, Tech

Saving Time in the Kitchen by Making Soups and Smoothies in a blender

Being a new mom, having time to prepare and eat nutritious meals has been a challenge as taking care of Baby E has us always on our toes. A lot of families with new borns just don’t have the energy [...]

April 2, 2019 Recipes, Small Appliances, Tech

Easy Baked Turkey and Cheese Pastry Ring

With the holidays, I am sure you have lots of potlucks and perhaps even hosting people in your home. Since there is so much to do, here is a quick appetizer to put together that is simple and will easily [...]

December 19, 2018 appetizer, Recipes

DIY Rice Rolls For Bacon Lovers

The best dinners are those that are interactive and surrounded by friends. My friend was telling me about how her coworkers were adding in bacon for their twist on Vietnamese Rice Roll wraps. It sounded like a great idea, so [...]

June 4, 2018 appetizer, Pork, Recipes

2 Ingredient Matcha Affogato

This is a Japanese twist to a classic Italian Affogato, which is a scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso. I thought to myself, what would happen if I substituted it with matcha instead of espresso? I got [...]

May 24, 2018 Dessert, Recipes

Farro Grain Bowl To Celebrate BC Veggies

One of the many staples in my pantry are tomatoes and grains. You’ll always see them in my kitchen since they’re very versatile and great in so many different dishes. I try my best to purchase local BC veggies whenever [...]

May 3, 2018 British Columbia, Recipes

4 Recipes to Make For Your Summer Party

Trying to figure out what to make for a Summer party is challenging, but President’s Choice is making it easier with a few recipes that will impress your friends and family. They have launched their newest PC Insiders Collection with [...]

April 18, 2018 product, Recipes

Six Ways to Use a Stand Mixer Beyond Baking

For the longest time, I’ve denied the fact that I needed a stand mixer. I always just told myself that I would get nice arm muscles from manually creaming sugar and butter together. Also making whipped cream was no problem [...]

March 28, 2018 product, Recipes, Small Appliances

Crispy Gluten-Free Waffle Platter for Brunch

An easy brunch to put together on the weekend is a waffle platter. You just need to assemble the ingredients together on a board and serve. I’ve seen them create this at restaurants in town, but it is pretty pricey, [...]

February 28, 2018 Breakfast, Recipes

Wholly Veggie! : Easy Ways to Add Veggies to Your meal

Wholly Veggie! are veggie patties that are soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and no added sugar. Started in Toronto in 2013 by David and John, they are on a mission to add more veggies on your plate. They have debuted with [...]

February 20, 2018 product, Recipes

Easy and Quick Mediterranean Nacho Bar

Did you know, it is estimated that Americans watching the Super Bowl typically eat 2,400 calories during game time? As Sabra Canada is the official dip of the NFL, what better way to enjoy the game with something different. A [...]

February 3, 2018 appetizer, product, Recipes

Simple Ways to Eat Smoked Salmon

Sliced Smoked Salmon There are many types of smoked salmon products, but you are probably most familiar with the sliced smoked salmon that comes frozen. It’s very versatile in just about anything. With it’s smokey flavour and soft texture, cream [...]

January 19, 2018 product, Recipes

Making Zoodles with Cuisinart Food Spiralizer

The fad of making zoodles / zucchinni noodles is all over the internet as a grain-free and healthy alternative to making “pasta”. I got this hand-powered machine – Cuisinart Food Spiralizer to make dinners more exciting and easy to prep my [...]

January 17, 2018 pasta, product, Recipes, seafood, Small Appliances

Easy 3 Ingredient Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea is an absolute treat and my friend finally encouraged me to make this at home instead of spending all my money drinking these at restaurants. There’s many variations of making Thai Iced Tea, but I don’t like [...]

January 9, 2018 product, Recipes, Thai

Holiday Brunch Recipes by Chef Lynn Crawford

I love a good brunch on the weekends, but sometimes it’s good to enjoy it at the comfort of your own home. With the Winter weather arriving, sometimes you just want to be cozy in your PJs and slippers. In [...]

November 29, 2017 Breakfast, Recipes

Quick and Easy Weekday Eggs

We all love hitting the snooze button before waking up and getting ready to work. For some, eating breakfast isn’t part of their morning routine before heading out the door. Egg Farmers of Canada wants to inspire Canadians to eat [...]

November 13, 2017 Breakfast, Recipes

Creamy Buffalo Chicken Pasta

I love Frank’s Red Hot Sauce as it always reminds me of spicy buffalo wings. When I was cooking dinner one evening, I combined a few items that I already had in the fridge and pantry to create this dish. [...]

October 9, 2017 pasta, Recipes

Easy Baked Dilly Salmon

I love simple meals since I usually am strapped for time after work. Litehouse had a super simple recipe for salmon using their Dilly of a Dip. I always saw it as just a dip for veggies, but I was [...]

September 23, 2017 product, Recipes, seafood