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Capstone Tea House: How a Menu Change Ruined a Good Night

I was hanging out with a bunch of people downtown and we were craving dessert. Since it was late at night, only a handful of places could seat tables of 10+. We called up a few places and Capstone Tea [...]

July 9, 2011 Dessert, One Beaker, Robson Street/West End

Junsei River Japanese Restaurant: Horrible Bento Boxes

I went to Junsei River Japanese Restaurant for lunch since it was on Robson St. and I was craving a good ol’ bento box. The restaurant is a bit narrow but it still has enough room. Junsei River Japanese restaurant [...]

June 6, 2011 Downtown, Japanese, One Beaker

Dim Sum Express Food Truck

All the way near Waterfront Station lies a street cart specializing in Dim Sum. No need to wait for a table and fight with others to get the last egg tart or buns. Have Dim Sum anytime, in your office, [...]

April 22, 2011 Chinese, Downtown, Food Carts, One Beaker, Streetcart

Fumiyoshi: Japanese Restaurant with Pho

Mandu and I met up during our lunch breaks. I had a “foodie block” and had no idea where to go for lunch. I really didn’t want to revisit a restaurant nor did I want to spend over $10. Eating [...]

April 10, 2011 Downtown, Japanese, One Beaker, Vietnamese

MegaBite Pizza (Production Skytrain): The Case of the Burnt Food

A new Megabite Pizza location opened up on at Production Skytrain. M and I felt like a pizza craving, so we went online to order what we wanted. We could of had them deliver to where we were, but it [...]

March 23, 2011 North Burnaby, One Beaker

Fumiyoshi Seafood & Sushi

On my way to lunch, I could feel the showers beginning again, it was that weird day were there were “140km” winds (It totally wasn’t…darn those weather people). There were random periods of heavy rains and then BAM it was sunny and then it [...]

March 5, 2011 Downtown, Japanese, One Beaker, Seafood, Vietnamese

Highland Pub (SFU)

Grabbing a bite with my good pal – ScienceNerd, we went to SFU Highland Pub because it’s close and it was the only decent food on campus, which is cheap. Even though the Highland pub was under renovations, there were [...]

September 18, 2010 One Beaker, SFU

Nando’s Flame Grill Chicken

Hey all, M here with my first review on! The restaurant DesignGirl went to this fateful day was Nando’s on Kingsway near Metrotown. Now I met Nando’s for the first time while living in London, England for a year [...]

August 28, 2010 One Beaker, South Burnaby