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Buckstop: Classic American BBQ Feast

Buckstop is a classic BBQ and small plates saloon on Denman Street. I bought a Social Shopper deal for their classic American barbecue feast for two people, including fried dill pickles, pulled pork sandwich, smoked chicken leg, St. Louis pork [...]

January 26, 2016 American, BBQ, Robson Street/West End, Three Beakers

reLiSH Gourmet Burgers on Commercial Drive

reLiSH Gourmet Burgers on Commercial Drive opened in the Summer serving the community with yummy burgers. The restaurant comes from the East Coast of Canada – New Brunswick. They also have another location on Davie street and will soon open another in North [...]

September 22, 2015 American, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Kid Friendly, lunch, Three Beakers

Little Caesar’s: Bacon Wrapped Deep Deep Dish Pizza

I haven’t been to a Little Caesar’s in over 10 years. I usually go for any pizza place that delivers, since Little Caesar’s doesn’t do delivery, I never eat their pizza. M was intrigued to try Little Caesar’s again since [...]

August 24, 2015 American, British Columbia, Delivery, pizza, Three Beakers

Paul’s Sub Shop: That Time I Spent $19 on a Sub

In 5 years of food blogging, I’ve consumed a lot of food and I thought I would start to go to more mom and pop restaurants around town to see if I can find a hidden gem. After browsing the [...]

August 14, 2015 American, Brunch, Cafe, Kid Friendly, lunch, South Burnaby, Two Beakers

Freshii: Juice, Wraps, Salads, Bowls and Froyo

Freshii has opened their newest location at the Broadway Tech Centre near Renfrew Station. It’s a convenient spot for those who go to school at the Art Institue or work in the office building surrounding the area. It’s a great spot [...]

August 7, 2015 American, Kid Friendly, lunch, Renfrew-Collingwood, Three Beakers

Burger King Canada: HP Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

Burger King Canada has a new burger called the HP Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger. M loves to try new items at Burger King since he’s a huge fan of their Whoppers. He loves the taste of the smokey patties. We were [...]

April 17, 2015 American, British Columbia, Fast Food

Bubba Gump Shrimp: Happy Hour in Anaheim

We spent a whole day in Disneyland and needed a late night snack. Close to our hotel is a Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant inspired by the movie Forest Gump. If you are a fan of the movie, you gotta visit [...]

March 5, 2015 American, Anaheim, California, Happy Hour, Kid Friendly, Two Beakers

In-N-Out Burger: Not So Secret Menu

As a Canadian, one of my goals in life was to have a taste of In-N-Out Burger. I know, it’s a really sad goal but I love trying different fast food restaurants out. Vacations are a good reason to pig [...]

March 2, 2015 American, California, Fast Food, Hollywood, Three Beakers

Disneyland: Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port

Finding cheap lunch in Disneyland with ample seating is quite tough especially when you want to stay out of the sun. During our time in Disneyland, we ate at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrow Land beside Space Mountain. The [...]

February 26, 2015 American, Anaheim, California

Original Pancake House: Breakfast in Anaheim

When in America, make sure to see if there is an Original Pancake House nearby. Or at least that’s what I do. Ever since visiting one in Chicago, I’ve been thinking about their Dutch Baby and Apple Pancakes ever since [...]

February 25, 2015 American, Anaheim, Brunch, California, Three Beakers

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro: American Chinese Food

P.F. Chang’s is an American chain restaurant featuring Asian food. As an Asian person, it just seemed weird to dine at an American Asian Restaurant since Vancouver has a lot of Asian Restaurants. I’ve spent years avoiding this restaurant because [...]

February 24, 2015 American, Anaheim, California, Chinese

Smoked Turkey Legs in Disneyland

We found ourselves snacking a lot at Disneyland instead of having a set meal during breakfast and lunch. There really wasn’t time for real meals when we only had a few minutes in between rides. We had so much fun [...]

February 23, 2015 American, Anaheim, California

Churros in Disneyland

I love Churros! I made it a mission to have a few churros in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. It’s not hard to find them since there are carts everywhere in sight. They heat them up fresh on the [...]

February 22, 2015 American, Anaheim, California

Umami Burger: Burgers in Anaheim

Umami Burger is an American chain restaurant specializing in gourmet burgers. As the name suggests, their burgers utilize the umami flavour that is a savoury taste. All their burgers are made fresh in-house. We came here after walking around Downtown [...]

February 17, 2015 American, Anaheim, California, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers

Cheesecake Factory Anaheim: Lunch near Disneyland

The Cheesecake Factory is located in the Anaheim GardenWalk, it is about a 15 minute walk away from Disneyland and California Adventure Park. After taking a 40 minute ride from LAX, we arrive in Anaheim at 2pm and wanted a quick lunch. [...]

February 16, 2015 American, Anaheim, California, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers

Black Frog Eatery: Pub in Gastown

Black Frog Eatery is located in Gastown right by the Steam Clock. M and his coworkers came here for lunch and I tagged along. I can’t say no to trying out new places. I’ve never noticed this place till now. [...]

January 23, 2015 American, Gastown, Pub/Bar, Three Beakers

Poomba’s Smokehouse: Pulled Pork Sliders

Poomba’s Smokehouse is a food truck in the Fraser Valley. This mobile eatery served up Carolina style smoked pulled pork to guests at the Fraser Valley Food Show. It was one of the more appealing items in the food section. [...]

November 9, 2014 American, BBQ, British Columbia, Food Carts, Three Beakers

Hamburger Mary’s: Stay for the Milkshakes

Hamburger Mary’s is located on Davie Street right by the intersection of the rainbow crosswalks. Since our favourite brunch place was closed, we needed to find a restaurant that was open for brunch on Davie street. We stumbled upon Hamburger [...]

September 22, 2014 American, Brunch, Robson Street/West End, Two Beakers